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This will help free my time to serve around WDC
Chris's Premium Fundraiser  (E)
This will help free my time to serve around WDC
#2110063 by Haunting Chris Breva

Those who know me around WDC know that I am highly involved in many aspects of the site. I write something nearly every day. I operate three poetry contests. I write for five blogs every day. I am one of the top five most active reviewers currently and number two in the number of public reviews given. I am the co-leader of disAbility Writers Group and currently filling in as the leader while the leader of the group is on hiatus. I am also deeply involved with Newbies Academy Group on different levels. Finally I write as a guest editor for Blogging Bliss Newsletter. ll of this is done while dealing with my own health issues. I'm not saying that to toot my horn, I'm saying it as a statement of fact.

I am now also preparing to start full-time employment and I'm writing for a hard copy magazine. My pieces haven't been accepted yet but they have been submitted. All in all I'm going to be dragging and my premium will get behind. Therefore I'll accept donations to support it. All donors of 10K gift points or more will be listed here. Any donation of 35K or more will receive a fundraising merit badge and any donation of 50K or more will receive a generosity merit badge..

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