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A forum for nominations of deserving members for author of the month.
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This forum is to be used to nominate members of disAbility Writer's Group for the title of Author of the month. This is not a popularity contest! Do not nominate your friend just because they are your friend. Unsupported nominations will be deleted!

To qualify for nomination the author must be a member of disAbility Writer's Group. They must be nominated by another member. The member nominating them must tell us what they have done to support the group and advertise it. If they have done a number of affiliated reviews give us the review numbers. If they have done affiliated reviews for other review forums and have used a multi-group signature (availlable on the dWG home page) with disAbility Writer's Group on them give us the review numbers. We must have supporting evidence that the nominated member has actively promoted DWG during the month in question. No self nominations accepted.

The Author of the Month receives an awardicon. We will also issue a Supporting Member prize, which will be a dWG MB.

We have a trinket.
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