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Looking for a guiding light. The 2023 round is closed. Judging in process.

A part of "The Contest Challenge 
June, 2018      
February, 2021      
February, 2023      


Click me to visit the contest, unless you're at the contest; then click me to reload. *Wink*

We need guidance out here in these rolling waters. This contest is about making an example of yourself—in a good way. Each round of this annual contest will be different in its requirements.

Previous Rounds:
         "2018 Round: Master of the Elements"  
         "2019 Round: Commander of the Form"  
         "2020 Round: Captain of the Ship"  
         "2021 Round: All Hands on Deck"  
         "2022 Round: Leader of the Sea Shanty"  

This Round:
         Classifier of Ships

Ships comes in different classes, from brigantines to galleons to cruisers. How they're sorted is all in the details. This round, you're asked to sort your short story into one of the listed qualified genres, with a special focus on just one detail.

---- Instructions and Guidelines ----

*Captainwheel* Deadline: February 28

*Captainwheel* Choose a genre and accompanying required detail from the list in the section below. Write a short story built around that required detail in a way that ensures your story falls within the required genre.

*Captainwheel* All content ratings welcome, but be aware of this forum's content rating (13+) when choosing your title, item description, and what type of link to use to post it.

*Captainwheel* Your story needs to be between 1,500 and 5,500 words. Not required, but it would be great to have your word count in the body of your post when you link your entry.

*Captainwheel* Look at me. Are you looking at me? Make sure that your chosen genre is in the first “genre” box when you fill in the item's "Create/Edit a Static Item page.

*Captainwheel* Proofread, edit, and revise.

*Captainwheel* One story per contestant.

* Linking

*StarfishP* Judging notes: 1.) If the characters are engaging, the story has a great chance of being engaging. 2.) No matter how engaging the characters, beautiful the story, or genius the incorporation of the genre requirement, none of it will come through with poor grammar and mechanics. A few typos aren't going to hurt your chances, but general sloppiness will.

---- Genre Choices and Requirements ----

Your short story must fit into one of the genres listed below, and it must include the detail listed with your chosen genre.

*Starfishb* Fantasy - A new invention.
*Starfishb* Drama - A secret kept for someone else's sake.
*Starfishb* Sci-fi - A non-humanoid robot with a personality.
*Starfishb* Supernatural - A broken curse.
*Starfishb* Romance - An ex who is still a friend, but not a romantic interest.
*Starfishb* Paranormal - A friendly ghost.

---- Qualified Entries ----

---- Prizes ----

Merit Badge in Lodestar
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

*StarB* Grand Prize - A 125K Star Awardicon on your winning item, the exclusive Merit Badge you see above, and 20K GPs.

*Starr* Runner-Up - A 25k Awardicon plus a WdC Merit Badge I like for you.

*Staro* Honorable Mention(s) - 10K Awardicon

*Note* If there are fewer than nine entries, all entries will receive at least a 10K Awardicon. Additional prizes, if any, will be at the judge's discretion.

*Starw* All entries will be considered for nomination in "The Quills *Starw*

---- Donations ----

*Compass* For every 45k you donate, you receive a WdC Merit Badge I like for you. Your donation can come all at once or a little bit at a time; you will still receive an MB for every 45k you donate, and they'll be spaced out to ensure community recognition points. Examples

Donations can be sent via a post in this forum or to Group # 1939981. Gift Points sent directly to me will be used for ridiculous and possibly nefarious purposes, so make sure you send them to the right place.

                   *Badge* *Badge* A Christmas Carol St.Ann (106,000)
                   *Badge* Shaye💻 (50,000)
                   *Badge* *Badge* Lynn McKenzie (90,000)
                   *Compass* A E Willcox (10,000)
                   *Badge* Anonymous *Blockv* (Well, well.)
                   *Badge* Princess Megan Rose (45,000)
                   *Compass* Myles Abroad (10,000)
                   *Badge* Nixie grieving for my cat (45,000)
                   *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* iguanamountain (140,000)
                   *Badge* ⛄️GeminiGem🎄 (50,000)
                   *Badge* Dark Lady (50,000)
                   *Compass* Sumojo (25,000)
                   *Compass* Dream ~★~ Justly (10,000)
                   *Badge* Dergs Gulp & Yani giving boops (45,000)
                   *Badge* *Badge*Tobber (90,000)
                   *Badge* deemac (50,000)

---- Questions ----

Please ask questions if you have them. You're welcome to post them in the forum or email me (amalthea@writing.com), whichever you prefer.

**And if you have questions about writing mechanics or grammar during any part of this, come ask them here:

MechGrammical  (13+)
A forum for your questions (and answers) about writing mechanics and grammar.
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