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Looking for a guiding light. The 2021 round is closed.

A part of "The Contest Challenge 
June, 2018      
February, 2021      


Click me to visit the contest, unless you're at the contest; then click me to reload. *Wink*

We need guidance out here in these rolling waters. This contest is about making an example of yourself—in a good way. Each round of this annual contest will be different in its requirements.

Previous Rounds:
         "2018 Round: Master of the Elements"  
         "2019 Round: Commander of the Form"  
         "2020 Round: Captain of the Ship"  

This Round:
         All Hands on Deck

A ship needs a good crew working in smooth shifts. This round asks you to do multiple levels of work—writing and reviewing—in four parts. There are prizes for each part.

For Parts One, Two, and Three, there's no need to do any other parts. Come in, check out the Part in progress, and take on the challenge if you want.

Part Four, though, requires that you have done Part Two. (This will all make better sense once you read about the Parts. Information on each Part's prizes comes after.)

If you have any questions on any Part or part of this *Ha*, please post them in the forum below.

---- Guidelines and Information ----

*Captainwheel* Part One (Jan 25 through Jan 31)

Click here for Part One particulars.

"*StarfishY*Story Ideas"  

*Captainwheel* Part Two (Feb. 1 through Feb 8--midnight to midnight, WdC time.)

Click here for Part Two particulars.


*Captainwheel* Part Three (Feb. 9 through Feb 22--midnight to midnight, WdC time.)

Click here for Part Three particulars.


*Captainwheel* Part Four (Feb. 15 through Feb. 28--midnight to midnight, WdC time.)

Click here for Part Four particulars.

*Starfishy* Qualifying stories:

The Weeper  (ASR)
Young musician owes his overwhelming success to a possessed violin.
#2243365 by 🗑️

The Leap   (18+)
A story written for the Lodestar Contest
#2244279 by Sumojo

Contest entry for 2021 Lodestar Contest (FINAL EDIT)
#2244102 by iguanamountain

Stir Crazy  (13+)
lodestar contest part 2 & 4 entry
#2243681 by Haunted Sox

An Unexpected Event (Edited Version)  (13+)
A woman watches herself in a diner from outside, looking through the eyes of another woman
#2245416 by Angel

---- Prizes ----

Merit Badge in Lodestar
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Part One: Every qualifying entry gets 1,000 Gift Points. My favorite(s) will earn the writer a community Merit Badge.

Part Two: Each qualifying entry gets 3,000 Gift Points. No judging beyond that for this round. What you're really doing by entering Part Two is securing your place in Part Four.

Part Three: The review that seems the most helpful, while keeping in mind the story idea used, will get a Lodestar Merit Badge and 10,000 GPs. I love good reviewers, so there's a chance others will receive community Merit Badges. All helpful reviews will receive GP rewards through the Public Review Page, GP amount depending on review quality.

Part Four: The story that best and most creatively uses one of the Part One ideas will receive a 125K star Awardicon and the Lodestar Merit Badge, plus 100K Gift Points.

The story that does these things second-best will receive a 25K Awardicon and the Lodestar Merit Badge, plus 50K Gift Points.

The story that does these things third best will receive a 10k Awardicon and the Lodestar Merit Badge, plus 25K Gift Points.

*Note* If there are fewer than nine Part Four entries, then all entries get a 10K Awardicon. The best one also gets the Lodestar Merit Badge plus 10K Gift Points.

*Starw* All entries will be considered for nomination in "The Quill Awards *Starw*

---- Donations ----

*Compass* For every 45k you donate, you receive a WdC Merit Badge I like for you. Your donation can come all at once or a little bit at a time; you will still receive an MB for every 45k you donate, and they'll be spaced out to ensure community recognition points. (Example One: if you donate 90K all in one go, you'll receive a MB now and another one two weeks afterward. Example Two: if you donated 25k last year and 20k this year, you get a Merit Badge. Example Three: if you donated 50k last year, you got an MB last year; if you donate 40k this year, you get another one.)

Donations can be sent via a post in this forum or to Group # 1939981. Gift Points sent directly to me will be used for ridiculous and possibly nefarious purposes, so make sure you send them to the right place.

                   *Badge* Carol Bride of Writingstein (60,000)
                   *Badge* Shrieking Shaye (50,000)
                   *Badge* Lynn McKenzie (45,000)
                   *Compass* a E Weatherwax (10,000)
                   *Badge* Anonymous *Blockv* (Well, well.)
                   *Badge* Princess Morticia Megan Rose (45,000)
                   *Compass* Myles Abroad (10,000)
                   *Badge* Nixie~10 years of membership (45,000)
                   *Badge* *Badge* *Badge* iguanamountain (140,000)
                   *Badge* GeminiGem💎 (50,000)
                   *Badge* Dark Lady (50,000)

---- Questions ----

Please ask questions if you have them. You're welcome to post them in the forum or email me (amalthea@writing.com), whichever you prefer.

**And if you have questions about writing mechanics or grammar during any part of this, come ask them here:

MechGrammical  (13+)
A forum for your questions (and answers) about writing mechanics and grammar.
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