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Night owls welcome!! Open 24 hours! Daily activities! Prizes!
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Wide Awake

I’ve always been a night owl
as my mama used to say.
Seems I like to stay up late
until it’s the next day.

The house is finally quiet
while others sleep and rest.
For me, it’s time to get things done;
it’s when I’m at my best!

by Solace.Bring
Wide Awake  (E)
staying up late
#2190644 by Solace.Bring

Thank you so much Lilli for the very appropriate black award icon!!

Are you a night owl that likes to interact with others, but find there's never anyone around when you're in your prime? Come on in! This forum is for chatting, the occasional contest, and possibly other fun activities.

Come on in and introduce yourself!!

I suppose every forum needs to have rules...so let's see

1. This is an 18+ rated forum, so keep posts rated accordingly.

2. This forum isn't just open at night...it's just that there's likely to be someone around at night as well. SugarCubes don't sleep very much.

3. This forum is for chatting of any kind on any topic.

4. I will try to have little mini contests, or activities pretty regularly...and yes, there will be prizes.

5. I can't think of anything else, so if you have any questions, just post them in the forum, or message me.

6. Oh yes, there is one more thing. Be nice to each other! I said that posts can be on any topic, but it's best to stay away from the super controversial or political ones because that's what Facebook is for...*Pthb*


This forum is ALWAYS open for chatting, but I'm also starting a weekly schedule of events.

Monday: Icebreaker questions

Tuesday: Talkative Tuesday--I'll post a discussion topic. Debates should always be kind, and respectful of others.

Wednesday: writing prompts Wednesdays--Come up with your best writing prompt. (everyone who participates gets a small gp amount)

Thursday: Thoughtful Thursdays--do something nice for someone else. a review, a gift, anything. Make sure you tell them you are acting on behalf of this forum, and if you post about it here (you can keep the recipient anonymous) you'll get a nice gp bonus.

Friday: Fiction Fridays: I will post the first line, you come up with a short piece of fiction to finish the story. Post directly in the forum, and I'll award a winner.

Saturday: Chat

Sunday: Chat

Weekends are straight up chatting days, but as I said before, chatting is ALWAYS welcome, even during activities.

Interested in a cool, weekly contest! Check out:
SugarCube's Bi-Weekly Random Contest!!  (13+)
A New Contest Every Two Weeks!
#2175732 by IceSkating SugarCube

And if you'd like a review of an item, post it here:
Give Me Something to READ!!  (18+)
If you'd like an HONEST review, please post an item for me to read and review.
#2179952 by IceSkating SugarCube

And why not collect my shiny new trinket, eh?
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