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by Kent
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What would YOU do if presented with your last chance to see family and friends again?
A desolate landscape stood in the last survivor's way. Barely twelve hours before, family, friends, neighbors, childhood persecutors, and everyone who had ever refused a date with the last survivor had been a part of the world too. Choices had been made; they came with the territory of free will. Now, the last survivor was the sole remaining human, glancing about a desolate landscape that would only support even the animals for a little bit longer. To the appraiser's eye (but who was there to appraise the situation), the last survivor was alone. However, they did not feel so. There was another entity that they had always believed in; before all of this, The Entity had been a comfort to them.
"I have spared you for now." The Entity seemed to hum on the wind in the last survivor's ears as a sliver of light tried to shine through the bleakness. "This is your last chance; what do you say to redemption?"
"I would see family and friends again?" the last survivor asked after a moment's thought.
"Everyone will be there, my child." The Entity answered. "You need only forgive some of them if only to see everyone again."
Forgive the enemies? Could the last survivor do that? And had they been truly spared from punishment; or was a final moment of desolation and a conscious decision to actually forgive their wrath...?

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