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A unique writing contest where everyone is the judge! Monthly flash fiction contest!
Monthly Contest!
Image for my contest, You're the Judge

Here's how it works. On the first of every month, the contest will be open. You may submit a flash fiction piece based on the prompt. ALL stories must be newly written for the contest.

Stories must be 500 words or less.

Entries will be accepted for 2 weeks. Then the last two weeks of the month will be used for judging. EVERYONE can vote for their favorite. Entrants are encouraged to advertise the contest and ask people to vote for them. The last two weeks of the month, the forum will be used for voting. All you have to do is post in the forum with your vote. YES, your vote will be public. No private votes allowed.

Contestants CAN vote for the story of their choice, but they CAN NOT vote for themselves.

ANYONE on WDC can vote.

If by some chance, an entry doesn't qualify (not the right word count, doesn't adhere to the prompt, etc.) the item can not win, even if it gets the most votes. If I see that the item doesn't qualify before judging starts, I will delete the post. If I don't catch it before judging starts, then no matter how many votes it gets, it will be removed.

If the contest prompt requires you to use certain words in your flash fiction piece, you MUST put those words in bold. You may also make them a different color, or a larger size if you want. They must stand out so I can see them easily. The same goes for if a certain line needs to be in your story.

Each contestant may enter TWO stories.

Entries can not exceed the rating of 18+. No erotica.

In the event of a tie, both contestants will win the prize. How many prizes are given will depend on the number of submissions and how close the judging is

Donations of 30k gps or more will receive a merit badge!


1st Place: 10k award icon and a merit badge
2nd Place: merit badge
3rd Place: merit badge
Honorable mentions: 2k gift points


Deadline: 11:59 PM WDC time on September 15th

Write a story about purchasing a new (or old) home.

September Entries

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by IceSkatingSugarCube · 09-01-20 @ 9:41 pm
by IceSkatingSugarCube · 09-01-20 @ 9:30 pm
by IceSkatingSugarCube · 08-30-20 @ 4:45 am
by GeminiGem🐒 · 08-28-20 @ 8:33 pm
by Same Ol' Sum1 · 08-28-20 @ 7:24 pm
by Coffee Queen Sox · 08-28-20 @ 6:08 pm
by 🌓 HuntersMoon · 08-28-20 @ 4:17 pm
by Beholden · 08-22-20 @ 5:31 am
by WakeUpAndLive · 08-22-20 @ 5:23 am
by Sumojo · 08-22-20 @ 2:41 am
by Fangus · 08-18-20 @ 12:42 pm
by Fangus · 08-14-20 @ 7:49 pm
by Medie PUBLISHED · 08-09-20 @ 12:09 am
by IceSkatingSugarCube · 08-01-20 @ 5:52 pm
by Queen NormaJean LightningRages · 07-28-20 @ 7:01 pm
by Fangus · 07-25-20 @ 8:20 pm
by hullabaloo22 · 07-17-20 @ 5:23 am
by Beholden · 07-16-20 @ 6:12 am

35 Posts · *Magnify*
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