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Hogwarts is celebrating WdC's 20th birthday! Care to join the party?
Thank you so much, eerie eyestar~Haunting WDC for the beautiful awardicon that graces this page! *Heart*

To celebrate WdC's 20th Birthday, Albus Dumbledore decided to host the magical Spellathon where the greatest wizards spell it out against each other!

If you want spells galore,
you needn't go to the Harry Potter store.
Join this contest, it's really fun,
and you get prizes when it is done!


Are YOU up for the party, wizard? If yes, then sign up by mailing either Xiea's brewing pure spook! or DMT - THANK YOU WRITE.COM along with the name of the house you'd like to be the wizard of! We'll try our best to ensure that you get to be in the house you desired! The names of the contestants are listed down below against the houses they are allotted to.

1) There will be 8 round to battle it out against the 4 houses.
2) Each round will have 3 tasks that the members must complete within the given time limit, else they will automatically lose. Each member must complete one task.
3) The tasks will be judged on varying criteria by DMT - THANK YOU WRITE.COM.
4) At the end of each round, every member of the winning team will receive 2.5k GPs. Each round will consist of 30 points, 10 points per task. By the end of the 8th round, the members of team with most points (i.e., the winners) will receive a 25k awardicon, the runners up will receive 10k awardicon and 3rd and 4th places will get 5k gps.

Hey wizards! Please note that you must relay any queries or messages regarding the contest (such as why a certain member of you house is unable to participate in a given round, or if you require some clarification regarding the questions or the judging criteria, etc.)) to both Xiea's brewing pure spook! AND DMT - THANK YOU WRITE.COM . While sending the mail, in the "To:" section, make sure to copy-paste our usernames: maia987, dmt1967. Thank you!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

[Time limit:1 week](Monday, 26/10 to Sunday, 1/11)

Harry potter 6

Task 1:Imagine the following: You are one of the dark lord’s death eaters and overhear Draco’s mother voicing her concerns over her son’s mission to Snape. Write a story (in a third person voice) about what you see, hear and smell. The more imaginative, the more points. (under 750 words)

Task 2:Write a poem about a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson which includes Voldemort and Draco Malfoy. (under 500 words)

Task 3:Either in form of a poem, a story, or a diary entry write about a Darks Art lesson or series of lessons where you invented a Dark Arts potion. Extra points will be given for creativity in creating it and what it can do. (under 750 words)

Criteria of judgement
Quality of content and references to Harry Potter (10 points)
Additionally and even for future references


Donations are much appreciated! Donations over 30k will receive a community MB of their choice. Thank you!

Our generous donors!

We'd really appreciate if you could stop by
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