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A forum to discuss the story with the same name, or to talk about size stuff in general
Welcome to the official forum for all things related to my interactive story with the same name. However, that's not its sole purpose, and if you want, you can discuss anything related to size stuff. Eh, I'm not even sure if this will ever see any actual usage, lol, but I'll leave it out there since it doesn't hurt in any way to do so.

You can pitch ideas or make suggestions, even requests either here or via e-mail, I'm always listening and not bothered by anyone sending their ideas. My only constraint is free time, so, depending on how busy I am the writing might take some time to get done, but I'm a man of my word, if I've said I'm gonna write that, trust me that it will happen as soon as I reasonably can. Just to be sure, please make sure to check the rules for the interactive before making a request/suggestion.

I'm not entirely against off-topic discussion so, I think I can let it happen for now, but if it becomes too predominant I might have to create a 2nd forum for it, lol. Anyway, thanks in advance for the time you took to read this or my story, and hope you enjoyed what me and a few other nice writers have done.
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