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Monthly contest for people who find joy in lewd things.
Status: Open, Recurring Monthly

Do bodily functions amuse you?
Are you intrigued by reproductive organs?
Does simply being a placental mammal tickle you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this contest is for you!

Subject: Anything lewd
Length: Haiku at minimum. No maximum.
Format: Poetry or lyrics
Language: English

The author of the BEST poem, in my opinion, will receive 5,000 GP
If there is a tie, I will award each author 5,000 GP
ALL poems, as long as they are sufficiently lewd, will be featured in my Lewd Poems collection on Scribble Hub.
Along with your poem, I will share a link to your writing.com profile or anything else you would like to promote.
This makes everyone a winner!

Copyleft: By submitting an entry, you agree that it may be freely distributed anywhere on the internet as long as you are credited as the original author. If you would rather not have your username associated with your lewd poem, you may submit anonymously through a private message.
How to participate: Simply post your poem and send me the link. Private messages are welcome for anonymous submissions.
Deadline for entry: None! There will be a new winner every month! You can submit a new entry every month. You can even submit multiple entries per month if you like!


May 2021:
lecivious lewd and the otherwise lecherous by Published pug
June 2021:
To Be Decided
July 2021:
To Be Decided
August 2021:
To Be Decided
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