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Gotta Lose Some Weight  (E)
Humorous poem about losing weight.
#2243144 by Marvelous Friend

I know there are a lot of different weight loss forums or groups around. I wanted to set up a forum to share my own personal journey with everyone here. Why? I need accountability. I need a support system. I need encouragement. I need a system to award myself for good progress. I need a place I can figure this out by writing and sharing experiences. I assume other people need these things too.

It may take awhile to iron out all the wrinkles. Progress may have to be imperfect at times. This is a learn-as-I-go experience. Maybe my experience can help other people too. I plan to keep a Daily Journal here too. I am making myself vulnerable here in hopes of helping others and to also build a cheering section for myself. How many of you would like to join me? Would you like me to create a group also? Would you be interested in blog prompts to help you develop healthier habits? MBs cost more than trinkets or C-Notes? Could these be sufficient rewards for progress? Can we turn weight loss or exercise or other things into a game? If we can make it fun, we are more likely to succeed.

Please comment if you have some ideas. I plan to post my first journal entry in a day or so. I need to set my diet plan and goals up, but this is at least a start. Who wants to join me?

Here is the book I will be journaling in for now. "My Personal Goals

Here is a handbook I am working to create to go along with this. "Developing Healthy Habits Challenge Game

Here is a link to my book of photography. "Marvelous Photography

For the moment, this is still a work in progress.

This is a link to the group that goes with this forum.
Learning to Develop Healthier Habits  (E)
Group to go with forum to develop healthier Habits
#2258180 by Marvelous Friend

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