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Where all you have to do is read books to receive awesome prizes.
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Welcome to Rach's Reading Club.

We all like to read, right? Of course we do. We are writers. The two go hand in hand. So I have created a book club where you can win awesome prizes for doing the thing we love the most.

How it works ...

Each month will have a theme for the books. I will give you some suggestions for books that fall under that theme. You can then read one, two, or more of them. Alternatively, if none of them sound like your thing, you can choose your own book(s) that is linked to the theme I have given. Once you have read your book(s), I would like you to write a review and link it in the forum below. The reviews can be product reviews — bpr: xxxxx, stand alone items — bitem: xxxxx, or book entries — entry: xxxxx. Alternatively, you may write a review directly into the forum.


Now for the fun part ...

This activity will run from 1st January 2022 to 15th November 2022.

Monthly prizes awarded as you read ...

*StarV* For every book you read and review, you will receive 1Kgps

*Starg* For reading and reviewing three books in one month, you will receive a community MB that is linked to the monthly book theme — this will count for every month you read the three books

These prizes will be awarded at the end of the activity, on Black Friday 2022. (By doing this, I can give higher value awards *Wink*)

*StarV* For reading three books for two months during the activity, you will receive a 10K awardicon (in addition to the community MBs)

*Starg* For reading three books for three months of the activity, you will receive a 25K awardicon, in addition to the community MBs

*Starv* For six months' participation of three books each month, a 50K awardicon will be heading your way

*Starg* The biggie ... If you complete nine months of reading three books each month, you will receive a 100K awardicon

There may also be spot prizes as we move through the year. Maybe, some mini challenges. Look out for these. You won't regret it *Bigsmile*

Lastly ...

Everyone who participates in this activity (no matter how few or how many books they read) will receive my brand new, exclusive Rach's Reading Club MB Merit Badge in Rach's Reading Club
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs !

To sign up for this activity, post a note in the forum, and I will add you to the list of participants. I'll send out a group email at the start of every month detailing the theme and books I recommend.


January Theme: Fantasy/SciFi

February Theme: Children's/YA

March Theme: WDC Authors

April Theme:Thriller/Crime/Mystery

May Theme: Health & Mental Health

June Theme: Historical Fiction/Romance

July Theme: Audiobooks

August Theme: Classic Authors

September Theme: Action/Adventure/Steampunk

October Theme: Horror/Supernatural/Gothic

If you're stuck for ideas, you could check out this awesome reading list compiled by Jeff

You can check out everyone's product reviews here:
Product Reviews  

The Book of Jeff  (18+)
My primary Writing.com blog.
#1399999 by Jeff


Participants' Book Log

As with all contests and activities, any donations will be gratefully accepted and put to very good use. If I receive a lot of donations over the course of the year, I will award more spot prizes and/or higher final prizes.

Please send your donations to "Rach’s Reading Club. Alternatively, you can post it in this forum. All donations of 30K or more will receive a community MB. Donations of 100K plus will receive my brand new, exclusive Rach's Reading Club MB (when it is ready).

Don't forget to visit Angel Product Reviews   and post any product reviews you write in the forum. This will earn you even more gps.

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