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The author researches world events aligning with the Hebrew Calendar and the Mazzaroth
In 2008, I was studying the book The Practice of G-d’s Presence by Dutch Missionary to South Africa, Andrew Murray (1828 to 1917). In chapter 30 page 486, the authors highly recommend that every Christian should study Psalm 119 and learn to love the scriptures as much as the writer of that Psalm does. Psalm 119 is an acrostic writing. In that, there are twenty-two chapters with eight verses each. Each stanza represents one letter of the twenty-two Hebrew letters.

The original Hebrew script was similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics in that they were actually pictures. Reference Dr Frank Seekin's book entitled, The Hebrew Word Pictures. I enjoyed his research very much and wanted to learn more about the Hebrew language and culture. After a number of years learning from videos and writings from Chassidic and Messianic Hebrews, I was both amazed and a little miffed. Amazed at the depth of knowledge from these Rabbis and miffed about my Christian teaching. I fell as if we are only getting the notes taken from someone else’s notes...and so on.

This now journal started out as a book that I was interested in writing. However, the more research I did and the many avenues to follow up on each data point, involved a much larger and broader database than I originally had planned. So much so that I felt like it would take many years to gather the information that I wanted let alone analyzing it all and then still be able to write it in some intelligent manner. Therefore, the idea of a quarterly journal came to me a couple of weeks ago. In this way I will be bringing you, the reader, along not only as a companion with me on the journey, but possibly, and more likely than not, there will be many readers that could help fill the gaps in the data that I present.

Welcome all and Shalom!
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