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The First PIF Mystery Ball (closed January, 2003)
Ball Header Ball Header

Pay It Forward
In association with C.W.C. Auction
Is proud to bring you a...

Murder Mystery Ball

The Characters:

Queen Fuzzy Wuzzy The Hostess, Fuzzy, Queen of Wuzzy
played by ♥Pay It Forward♥

Her Majesty is the queen of a vast Fuzzy Forest empire and enjoys the loyalty many humble vassals such as squirrels, birds, mice and many other forest creatures, big and small (but mostly small). She spends much of her time sipping tea and honey with her two sisters, The Ladies Boo Boo and Pooh Pooh, whilst Pooh Pooh sings her funny folk-bear songs and Boo entertains her with fuzzy magic. True, Queen Fuzzy lives a pampered life, but is not one to squander her good fortune selfishly and has therefore decreed that a Fuzzy Ball be held for the fun and entertainment of those how would wish to visit the Fuzzy Forest. And, if anything should go wrong at the festivities, she will rely on Boo's magic to "undo" any misfortune brought onto her guests.

Lord Force M Aster Lord Force M. Aster
played by FM - 1 Writer to rule them all

A figure shrouded in mystery as much as his heavy cloak, he is never seen outside his suit of armor or without his enchanted longsword. Rumors shared in discrete whispers talk about him being the last surviving member of a once proud noble family that was destroyed in the last great war.

Other rumors abound at the revenge he called down upon those who smote his family, and it is these that often impart fear into the hearts of otherwise stout people. Whispers of dark magicks and demons are never far behind him.

From those who have actually managed to get him to talk (which is very very few), it is obvious that he remembers very little of the destruction of his family, being only a child at the time... but, occasioanlly, flashes and fragments surface from the depths of his mind. What he sees are the colours of death. His soul is haunted by them.

Baron Lienhart Baron Lienhart
played by Sir Mirom

Baron Lien is about 25 years old, and is not wont to speak about his past. He is erudite, intelligent, soft spoken but given to occasional fits of temper. Noting his lack of interest in the ladies, local dowagers have spread the rumor that must be a recent widower. He is far away from his holdings in Nostricila, but his income there seems more than adequate. Indeed, his local lodgings are costly, and while he does not live a life of excess his habits are commensurate with the weight of his well laden purse. Clad in sumptuous furs that threaten to overpower his slight frame (Nostricila is located in a cold climate), he would present a most imposing figure, except that alas, Lien is only 5 feet, 3 inches tall.

Lord James Edward Araqu Lord James Edward Araqu
played by Alexander

Lord Araqu is a young 23 year old 6 foot man from Ireland's town of Sligo. He has always prided himself of being the best swordsman Ireland has to offer; in his many years of fencing he has never lost a battle. Not much is known about his personal life. He keeps to himself for the most part.

Lady Lucinda Lady Lucinda
played by ♥HOOves♥

Lady Lucinda has a rather checkered past. She worked as a barmaid and partime stripper in Dublin, with the stage name, Rapunzel, before she inherited her title from a long lost great aunt. She's known for her long beautiful hair and bewitching personality, that belies a hot and volatile temper.

Princess Starlight Princess Starlight DECEASED
played by Maryann

Not since Helen of Troy has a lady so fair graced this world. Princess Starlight is the reincarnation of the face that launched a thousand ships. She has always been thought of as one of the most cunning souls in her family. She presides in Edinburgh, Scotland not far from the hills of Lammermuir. Her years of wisdom and travels have propelled her to be a very sociable, well versed princess. She has been known to disguise herself and mingle with commoners. Mary Starlight is pleased to be involved in the ball.

Prince Hamlet Prince Hamlet
played by ElaineElaine

Prince of Wales, Hamlet is the modern day Hamlet; his father and mother very much alive and well. He's married to Princess Samatha, who is expecting their first child. Princes Samatha insisted that Prince Hamlet go to the ball without her -- she is just fine in her eight month of pregnancy.

Even though Hamlet became quite familiar as a child with Shakespeare's play, who wouldn't if they were named after such a famous literary character, he insists that he is nothing like his namesake. If he does have a few resemblences to the ill-fated historical Hamlet, such as an affinity for ghosts, well, he's not letting on. He's a well-adjusted and happy person, so he

Sir William Milksley Sir William Milksley
played by The Milkman

Having been a lifelong resident of Pennsylavania and well known in the political arena I have bumped a shoulder or two with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Q. Adams and Benjamin Franklin. I won't say I was influential to the Declaration of Independence but I was asked a couple of times of my opinions of a word or two in the writing.

However you won't find my name scrbbled at the bottom of this well known document but Forensic Scientists will probably be able to remove some of my DNA from the parchment. One day while I was dusting it I sneezed.

Lady Lavender Lady Lavender
played by wood-bunny

I (Lavender) witnessed the brutal death of my father when I was 10yrs old, I had to go into hiding, until the murderers were caught and jailed. Since I don't talk about it, or anything much about myself, I have therefore gained a reputation amongst my friends of a woman shrouded in mystery. I am of moderate height, and weight. The first thing people usually notice about me, is my waist-length white hair and white eyes, yes I am an albino. Along with my deathly pale white skin, I resemble a walking ghost.

I am 27 (twenty seven) years of age. I have a phobia of knives (as that is how my father was brutally murdered), and also a phobia about the number 3 (three) (my father was murdered on the 3rd day of the 3rd month). I am slowly trying to overcome my phobia's.

Sir Jamison Sir Jamison
played by Fireant

Prosperous younger son of improverished noble house. Forced into the trade *shudder* and chose to specialize in spices because one could build an emprie with the fortune that could be made. Sir Jamison loves the travel that running a spice empire entails and is rather adventerous.

Sir Jamison is lean with an athletic build, he is 5'10 with blond hair and peircing blue eyes. Lately he's taken to wearing a rather rakish van dyke. Sir Jamison is personable, open, friendly and well educated. He's single and considered quite a catch by both the nobility and the merchant class. He walks and balances well between the nobility and freeman.

Princess Alenandria Princess Alexandria
played by *Moni

Alexandria has always been the fairest of all. She knows because each day her magic mirror tells her so. Her main ambition is to become queen when her father the King dies.

Princes in the nearby kingdoms have been trying to win her heart but most find her to be less than accomadating. She always seems to be looking in a mirror and, as the suitors put it, "pretending to be an alchemist". One suitor, who was not available for comment due to his sudden bouts of narcolepsy, fell ill after eating one of her apples. Since then, most suitors refuse to eat any of her food.

Lady Granny Ingocnito Lady Granny Incognito
played by rickysgranny

I will be the one that is dancing
in a silk spun elfin tree dress
I am "Lady Granny Incognito"
and I am a little sneaky, I must confess

I have come to "The Murder Mystery Ball"
with more than just dancing on my mind
I know that evil lurks in this room
for there is a murderer that we must find

I will be hiding behind the velvet drapes
with a magnifying glass in my hand
I will be the one quietly watching YOU
as you dance merrily with the MMB Band

I am "Lady Granny Incognito"
and I know you have your eye on me as well
Be careful what you say and you do
for if your the murderer I will TELL!

Lady Rayne Bowe Lady Rayne Bowe of Skittleshire
played by sweetcandy4

Lady Rayne Bowe of Skittleshire is a high born lady and bred as so. Lords and Ladies all around the world know her for her excellent singing voice, piano playing and delicious skittles. Her estate produces well over millions of skittles per year. Although no one knows this, Lady Rayne does occasionally steal a bag of skittles for herself.

At the age of 21, she is still single and therefore considered a spinister. Dark black curls bounce on her shoulders and dark blue eyes stare out from her heart shaped face. She is quite friendly and a wonderful gossip. Beware of her penetrating gaze, it has been known to trap men's minds...

The Dashing Gent The Dashing Gent
played by gentlmnwritr

Good Evening Beautiful Ladies and Fine Gentleman,

I am "The Dashing Gent" and it tis a great honor to be amongst such distinguished guest (bows slightly). I come from an aristocratic Southern hertiage, though when pressed for details, I tend to be a bit fuzzy on them. I do help in running the family's shipping business. I can be a bit of a rouge at times with the ladies, but I alway leave them with a smile.

Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth
played by Mckinley Rose

Lady Macbeth is a very kind and giving soul. English born and bred, she works tirelessly for local charities. Although she was born into a wealthy family, you can find her with the common, just as much as the aristocrats. She does love to socialize and attend society functions. She has a tender heart, and a loving touch and longs for her Prince Charming to make her his bride.

Sir Pita Holly Sir Pita Holly
played by Pita

Famous for my lute skills and lryics. A downwardly mobile busker, singing for suppers throughout the realm. My parents are minor nobility, shocked and appalled that I am a bard, and have disowned me. Although I want a patron in the arts, I am becoming bitter and harbor a secret hatred for the noblity.

My peers call me "love'em and leav'em Pita." Referring to my unpleasant perchance to chase. I confuse sport and hunting.

I am currently trying to develop a new musical genre. I sound like Phoebe in Friends.

Maid Lucille Anne Maid Lucille Anne
played by Madame Lunacy!

Lucille Anne is an energetic one who always has that sparkle in her eye. She loves to chat with almost anyone and and makes friends easily. A sweet girl at the age of 20 she strives to get the attention of everyone in the room.

She has one of the kindest hearts around but she will do just about anything to be in the spotlight.

Mookster the Jester Mookster the Jester
played by x-centrick

I have been serving the Hostess for 11 years now, and am a trustworthy clown to give her smiles when she's down. I only talk in rhyme, so give me some time...I will make everyone laugh, even if it's their last...

Carlo Lapino Carlo “Boom Boom” Lapino
played by NL*

Known for his way with the ladies, Carlo “Boom Boom” Lapino grew up on the streets of The Big Apple, running errands for the mob. As a life time gangster, Carlo enjoys fast money, fast times and especially fast girls. However, he particularly enjoys the challenge of a not so fast lady and his exploits of “loving ‘em and leaving ‘em” are known throughout the wealthy echelon of the New York socialites (hence his invite to the Ball).

Lady Sarinja Lady Sarinja
played by ladisarinja

Being the only child and direct descendant of Lord Sarin, Lady Sarinja was born into her title. Not one to rest on her laurels, this did not stop her from using the knowledge and power of her ancestors to wage war against tyranny and earning her own place in this world. Both on the field and in the castle of her birth, her natural beauty and grace only serve to hide the powerful warrior spirit.

Lady Sarinja was excited at being invited to the ball, but her quiet unassuming nature only served to make guests wonder what she was really up to.

Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette
played by Marie

Born and raised Russia, Marie is completely oblivious to the past her name brings to mind. Never knowing that her mother named her thus due to a fortold death, Marie continues to live a sweet and innocent life full of sweet little nothings that bring a pleasant smile to others.

While she is thought strange to always wear red, no one can deny the good intentions she seems to always have. And though she may be a little queer, it can only be blamed on a strict and guarded upbringing full of strife and all alone with no other children in her life.

If you ever wish to make her aquaintance and stay to the front of her mind - just never mind the abstract things she will say. Always reply as if things are right as rain. And never think she is not all there - never think an odd mind to be less full of intelligence or you will be greatly surprised.

Lord Arthur Von Crabb Lord Arthur Von Crabb
played by ricciardo

Once a poor undertaker's son, I suddenly stumbled upon fortune when I married my loving wife, Juliet.

Since, we have lived in comfort at our family mansion in London, England.

Unfortunately, my wife is unable to attend the ball with me due to a broken leg.

Sir Marcus of Bovine County Sir Marcus of Bovine County
played by auric

Marcus grew up in the largest estate in Bovine County, where his father ran a large dairy farm. He was knighted after his outstanding stage performance of "A Midwinter Day's Nightmare" in front of the King.

His favorite topics of discussion are the theater, art, chess, cow farming and fencing. He devotes much of his free time to these hobbies and is not hesitant to talk about them.

A polite and chivalrous romantic, Marcus attends balls in hopes of meeting a charming young lady to court.

Princess Stephanie Marie Princess Stephanie Marie of Patagonia
played by <3 stephanie <3

Princess Stephanie has always been a rather shy girl with a big heart. Warm, friendly and a very family oriented person. At 19 years of age she is 5 feet 4 inches tall, with beautiful, long, dark brown corkscrew curls. The only daughter of King Alfred and Queen Lara, Princess Stephanie is heir to the throne. Though she lives a life of royalty she isn't spoiled.

Princess Stephanie is very interested in music and the arts. She is an accomplished ballernia and is currently dating Prince Aaron of Mackinaw. Since their relationship is a long distance one; much to Princess Stephanie's dismay she will be attending the ball alone. Nevertheless, she is very honored to be invited and is looking forward to attending.

The Villain The Villain
played by Clockwork

This rogue is a ball guest gone awry. No one but The Hostess and The Villain know which character has assumed The Villain's identity for the purpose of murderous acts upon the other guests. But we will soon see which guests live, which guests die and which guest is not what he or she seems...

The Prize:

Currently we have:

440,000 gift points

Clockwork has been awarded 60,000 gift points.

This pot goes to the player who discovers Clockwork identity. HOWEVER:

For every player Clockwork murders, 20,000 gift points will be deducted from the total pot and sent to Clockwork .

For every incorrect guess as to Clockwork 's identity, 10,000 gift points will be deducted from the total post and sent to Clockwork

Good Luck!

The Card Room:

Wealth(5): The ♦Wealth♦ Card, Power(5): The ▲Power▲ Card, Resurrection(5): The ☼Resurrection☼ Card


Please do not post in this forum unless you are a player and you are in character.
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