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Serious writing critque group NEEDED
Do you love John Updike, Anne Lammot, Best
American Short Stories, O'Henry,
Ploughshares? Do you want to create works
of art comparable to writing you see in those
types of publications and by those authors?

I am very interested in forming a serious
critique group with others who have very high
minded goals, and whom admire great
authors and famous short story writing.

It would be great to some day create true
works of art in the form of short story, but it
takes quality critique and exchange of ideas,
opinions, and other people's great work to
share to better oneself.

Anyone intersted in forming a very serious
critique/exchange group? I would love to form
a group of regulars that we can all confide in,
share thoughts, work, etc.

Send me a note! Tell me some of your favorite
authors and their work.

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by Sarahfitz  •  12-29-02 @ 3:25 pm
by Chautauqua  •  12-19-02 @ 5:24 pm
by Sarahfitz  •  12-18-02 @ 2:57 pm

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