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Detective "Bird" is your source for all things made new again through research!
What things have come and gone from literary genres like tales of Chivalrous knights and the Film Noir Detective?

Give me your insights or questions!
I research literary sources, as well as theatrical and art references to the Stories of King Arthur. All...did I say all? Alright, read on - there ARE better references to the roots of ALL things Arthurian.

Most of all, I would like this to be a comfortable gathering place. We can discuss what history contributes to the tales. Wrestle with topics like religion, feminism, druidism, magic, chivalry, war, rights of succession, Manifest Destiny...I think these and other topics have woven their way into Arthurian Legend retooled decade after decade.

Here's a place to start: Think you've seen and read everything related to mystical Camelot? Want to see something scary..?
Go to: http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/cphome.stm
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