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Write poetry from prompts just for the fun of it; formal or free verse, you pick.
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Jul 14, 2010 at 10:19am
Re: First 25 Prompts
re:number 18
You say it's Love?
Love is what you say you have for me
Yet where it is
I have yet to see.
You take it for granted that I really am there
You treat me like a doll on a shelf
You really don't care
I can see you watching me
From far away
You only get closer when it is convenient for you
You are only happy with me when things go your way
you aren't very careful with the words that you say
They cut like a sharp knife
for you, this must be a game that you play
i'm not a toy that you can throw by the side
when you want to be a true friend
come back and stand by my side.
We have to much at stake here
to just walk away
from the love that we once shared
but let too much get in the way
till then i'll just wait
for you to see
the real love between us is meant to be
I really do love you
and i really do care
really i do miss you
when you are not there
because without you-
with whom do i share
the innermost being of me.
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