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Dec 20, 2001 at 9:58am
Re: Re: Re: Hello Irmalene
Dear Jimbo,
Why I am just flabbergasted that the sicko not only disrespected me by tucking ones in my garter but they weren't even real money! Of course I couldn't tell, since I'm a dummy. I deeply apologize to you and Bubba, Mr. Williams and the FBI(Federal Busybody Idiots).That was all the money I had, but I noticed a new sicko hanging around at changing time and I figure it's just a matter of time until I collect some mo money which I will immediately forward to you.

Please express my regrets to Irmalene that she won't be attending the Dummy Reunion. I'm sure she only has time for two things, raising children and ...; Fourteen chaps, my you are a busy boy. Glad you can take time off from your busy schedule to attend the Reunion. I'm very anxious to meet Bubba, he sounds like my kind of man. I can arrange for a large dog crate to lock him in if he can come with you. I'm sure he'd be comfortable, harmless and well fed.


"To write is to find release, to write well, immortality."
Susan Millner Graham
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Re: Re: Hello Irmalene · 12-18-01 5:30pm
by Writer of the Winds
*Star* Re: Re: Re: Hello Irmalene · 12-20-01 9:58am
by La Belle Rouge

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