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A special place for families and friends to pay tribute to our servicemen and women
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Oct 5, 2013 at 5:13pm
A Tribute to My Brother William Stevens
by Marti
William (Bill) Stevens 1946-1986 US Army,

My Brother fought in Viet Nam
back in “63”
He came home to us without any scars
At least none you could see.

He saw things no one should face
They stayed with him his whole life
He could not erase the terrible scene
He confided this to his wife.

His sleep was disrupted
His life was filled with Rum.
Do the people who start these terrible wars
realize what they have done?

He was only thirty-nine when he died all alone
Though family was there by his side.
He never could let the war in his soul
and the turmoil in him subside.

War for some does not end coming home.
For some it goes on day and night.
For my brother, he didn't die over there
But the war still took his life.

Please remember those who fought in a war
And those who make no big deal,
Sometimes the pain can not be seen,
But the hurt is just as real!
A Tribute to My Brother William Stevens · 10-05-13 5:13pm
by Marti

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