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Jun 6, 2016 at 4:52pm
Campfire Participants Wanted
by A Non-Existent User
Hello. I have an idea for an anthro-based campfire story, and am eager to get it started, but I seem to be lacking in the willing participants department.

Here's the basic setup, there's this empire of anthro females, who use males as slaves and pets. So of course, there's an underground resistance fighting against them. But the thing is, the females are like twenty feet tall, while the males are typically no bigger than the average human, so they don't stand a chance in a fight.

The empire is ruled by three sisters, one of whom has recently been banished. She's the runt of the litter, being the smallest and least attractive of the trio, and seeks a mystical fountain on a lost planet that can make her beautiful to get revenge on her sisters. She approaches the resistance to make a deal with them, if they help her find the fountain and overthrow her sisters, she'll grant equal rights to all males in the empire.

Does that sound like a good campfire to you? If so, would you be willing to participate? Please contact me if you want to have a part in this, I'll gladly include you.
Campfire Participants Wanted · 06-06-16 4:52pm
by A Non-Existent User

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