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Apr 9, 2020 at 8:36am
Top Ten Favorite Downton Scenes
I narrowed it down to two in my earlier post, but there are so many.

Besides those two, here are my favorite top ten scenes.

1. Sybil gets Gwen the job as a Secretary with the Telephone guy, thus changing the course of Gwen's life for the good.

2. Isobel and Violet force Tom Branson into a morning coat for Mary and Matthew's wedding, in spite of Matthew and Tom Branson protesting

3. Mr. Carson is so happy that Mrs. Hughes doesn't have cancer that he sings a little song about a "smoothing iron" and she overhears it

4. Edith becomes a publisher and editor and gets an edition of her magazine out with Bertie's help in one night.

5. Matthew picks Tom Branson to be his best man after Larry Grey drugs Tom and calls him names at a formal dinner.

6. Bates threatens Mrs. O'Brien with revealing the truth about her Ladyship's soap in order to help his longtime enemy, Thomas Barrow.

7. Harold Levinson meets his extended family and tries to steal Daisy to cook for him, via his cheeky American valet.

8. Daisy wishes Alfred well after he breaks her heart, on the advice of Mr. Mason.

9. Mr. Mason gets to be the tenant farmer on the Drew Farm after Edith's selfish dealings with the Drews, so something good comes out of that.

10. Lady Rosamind helps ungrateful Edith with her pregnancy, only to be pushed aside and insulted, but she stands up to Robert who professes to be an expert on parenting because he is an actual (although a lot f times clueless) parent.

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Top Ten Favorite Downton Scenes · 04-09-20 8:36am
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