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May 20, 2020 at 10:18am
Re: My First Motor Bike
Hello kranand ,

Thank You for your entry in The Newbie Contest Challenge!!

Please review the stated rules for entering the Challenge and resubmit your entry accordingly;


The Contest is open to the Newbies of WdC only - you must be a member for two years or less, based on the Est. Date on your Portfolio.

You may only enter this contest if you Have Not Won It In The Previous Month;
In other words if you win this month, you have to wait a month to enter again.

The Contest will run from the First Day of each Month, until Midnight of the Last Day of each Month, Based On WdC Time (US EASTERN).

Your Entry Must Conform To The WdC Content Rating System and cannot exceed 13+;
Please Review The CRS here "Content Rating System (CRS)" .

Short Stories or Chapters will have a word count limit of 500 to 1200 words. All entries must include a word count at the bottom.

Poems will be limited to 20 Lines. All poems must include a line count at the bottom.

Entries must be created for the Newbie Contest Challenge, previously written items will not be accepted.

All Entries must be posted in Bitem format in the groups forum {bitem:xxxxxx} - replace the xxxxxx with your Item number.

There is an entry fee - each contest entry MUST be accompanied by a review done in the current month using Invalid Review .
Reviews Should be a Minimum of 300 Characters with out WritingML or Fluff and Fillers.
Please post your contest entry and review together - your post should look like this - {bitem:xxxxxx} {review:xxxxxx}

Here is an Example of what your post should look like;

SNOW   (E)
Light And Fluffy It's Not. Honorable Mention Second Time Around Contest ~ Round 15
#2210412 by Richie Krueger ~ Bald Lil' Bro

Review of "Submission by Moonlight"

Please present your item ready to be judged, entries edited after submission will be disqualified.

If you do so you will be disqualified from the Newbie Contest Challenge.
If you do have a question about anything, please feel free to post it in the forum use "Question" as a title to help it stick out.

Thank You!!

Signiture Item...I'm only the trombone player!

My First Motor Bike · 05-20-20 8:19am
by kranand
*Star* Re: My First Motor Bike · 05-20-20 10:18am
by Richie Krueger ~ Bald Lil' Bro

The following section applies to this forum item as a whole, not this individual post.
Any feedback sent through it will go to the forum's owner, Richie Krueger ~ Bald Lil' Bro.
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