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Jul 20, 2020 at 7:30am
Re: Re: Reviews?
*Dollar* 50 GPs were sent to flyfishercacher with this post.

I must admit I do not get involved in forums as much as I would like. I am too wordy and there is just so much time in the day, but this concept caught my attention, as the whole concept of reviews always does.

I applaud your intent and resolve. I made some comments in response to the OP but feel compelled to continue upon seeing yours.

While some may in fact be trying to rack up review 'points' as you say, I find that it does not really impact us in any real way. Whether they are selfishly accumulating points or trying to help new and struggling writers is somewhat irrelevant. What they do and why they do it is their concern. If selfish, they waste their own time, and if simply being helpful, I respect and support them.

I am of the same mindset as you, and that can be characterized as selfish as well. When I write a 'critique' I put an inordinate amount of time into it, as it seems you do. I probably do not give them what they expect or even need, but I share my thoughts and perspective with the writer about things that resonate with me. I try to simply be a reader and give them my reaction as their narrative unfolds. I do not presume to have any expertise with the literary niceties and do not try to write for them. I point to things that seem to need attention, and then step back and continue my journey.

I always want to help them but understand that it helps me as well, possibly more, as it helps me to develop my own capabilities in communication and style and voice. I respect the process and it has been invaluable in my evolution as a writer.

I see no real reason to complain. They do me no harm. I continue to do that which I feel is appropriate and leave others to make those same decisions for themselves. Reviewing is indeed hard work, and I am serious with each word I offer, but we can never coerce the manner in which it will be received. We can only try and hope for the best.
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by Lone Cypress Workshop
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by Lone Cypress Workshop

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