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Jul 27, 2020 at 2:48am
Re: My little boy
by Jreese
They will grow up someday, and you will be proud of them. They will have freedom of choice, and want to see you. Have patience. Do not do anything irrational, because someday things will change. Once the future arrives the past can become meaningless.

Do you recall the days of Physical Education? I hated changing clothes in front of other people. Those days are gone, forever. Circumstance changes with time.

I too am depressed. I know what it feels like to be depressed. Thankfully my life is changing because of therapy, and therapy is an option for you because of your depression. I hope for you a better future, which there will be someday.

Focus on anything but the time gone by. I know from experience that is not a coping skill for depression, yet I count the days gone by since my mental breakdown without any resolution of any kind. It is difficult sometimes, dealing with finding closure to any situation when nobody seems to care. You will find a better future someday with your child. Patience.

You have helped me because I count the days gone by. It does hurt, and is rather angering. Thanks to therapy, I am learning about myself, and the exercise of coping skills. Doing something to cope with pain inside, pains other than peace, or happiness. I must stop counting the days gone by. Thank you for helping me to see that.

For me, I like riding my bicycle to cope with my pain. Pain is in being neglected. Pain is confusion. Pain is disorder. Pain is the lack of trust. Pain is isolation, having no family. No support at all. I'm so angry with my family. You are so lucky. They love you.

Someday, this kid is going to grow up, and want to know you. This will require patience. I hope you the best, letters on a screen. *Smile*

You are more human than that. I'm going to check out your biography, and maybe read something of yours, if there is anything to read.

I have the ability, because therapy helped me, to see myself, to regulate my emotions. There is always a way to combat ill emotion.

...and remember, all because three years have passed does not mean an eternity without them. Tomorrow is a new day. You need to calmly press the idea of your desire to see your child again.

Waring is not the answer. Elevating one's self above another in anger. The Bible states anger gives the devil a foothold. Be calm cool and collected.

I hope things get better for you. Please don't do anything irrational. I know what depression is.

Things will get better, they always do.

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