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Jan 9, 2021 at 7:30pm
Back for another run
by EdWords
Long, long ago, in what feels like a galaxy far away, there was this writer's community called Story.com. I liked being there, and had some stuff posted - and even taken for "publication" by an "on-line magazine". My aim was to get better at writing, and perhaps even sell some stories.

So 20 years (rounded off - some of my files are data 1998 and 1999) have gone by, and I think I'd like to make another run at writing. I am a technical writer by trade, but that's boring. I am an avid reader of action-type fiction (everything from Jack Ryan to Joanna Brady to Artimis Fowl), and tend to write down that broad road also. Although, some of the side roads might prove interesting as well.

Not sure when I'll get to posting up my first stories - I'll probably start with my old ones.

i do have one favor to ask: I started a piece set in historical British Isles - and quickly realized I had no clue as to the when and who and where of my setting! How does one go about figuring out "I have these characters in this setting, with these things going on -- where and when am I?" Makes a difference when I start introducing technologies or cultural aspects that haven't been invented yet!

See you in the pages!
Back for another run · 01-09-21 7:30pm
by EdWords
Re: Back for another run · 01-11-21 1:41pm
by Lilli ☕

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