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Apr 25, 2021 at 10:05pm
Re: could someone have a look at this
Questions like this belong in "Technical Support Forum, which is linked as Need Help? at the upper right, and also as Writing.Com Tools/Help: Technical in the left nav menu.

That said --

When I look at it, there is space between the lines. Even with using zoom at various settings.

Not as much as there would be for a font that over-sized if it had been formatted by a professional to be easily readable, but some.

Likely he's using that size of font because some reviewer "advised" him he should increase the size of his font to make it "more readable."

That you don't see any space between the lines of his over-sized font, making it unreadable, is likely the result of you having upped the default font size on your OS and/or browser to suit your own vision needs.

So in this case, the problem lies with BOTH your browser and his formatting.

This sort of issue goes to show why it doesn't work to have the person who posts something try to compensate for other people's lack of using their own vision aids: There's so much variation in devices and how well people can see that it never works for everybody.

And, no, you don't have to give a rating if you feel it's necessary to tell someone you find their formatting unreadable. Just copy the item number and then click the envelope up by their name in the item header, and send them a regular email, remembering to paste the item number into a link so they'll know what item you're talking about.

Hope that helps.

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could someone have a look at this · 04-25-21 7:19pm
by often wrong sung
*Star* Re: could someone have a look at this · 04-25-21 10:05pm
by Northernwrites
Re: Re: could someone have a look at this · 04-26-21 2:35am
by often wrong sung
Re: Re: Re: could someone have a look at this · 04-26-21 3:23am
by Northernwrites

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