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by Jeff
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An annual challenge to write a short story collection based on an album! Runs April-June.
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"The Soundtrackers Group proudly presents
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"Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends."
         - Alphonse de Lamartine

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Whatever your musical tastes may be, most of us can agree that music plays an integral part in our lives. Many of us can remember where we were or what we were doing when we heard a particular song, of how it inspired us, brought us to tears, or made us giddy with happiness. This contest hopes to recapture those memories by encouraging you to listen to a favorite album again and allow the songs to inspire your creativity through writing.

Special shout-out to iKïyå§ama-BacktoWonderland! who originally created this activity and allowed us to bring it under the Soundtrackers banner. *Delight*


*Notebl* You are required to create a FOLDER or BOOK item specifically for this contest.

*Notebl* The title of the folder or book must include the name of the album you have chosen.

*Notebl* In the body section of your folder or the header section of your book item (as applicable), you need to include an introduction of sorts about the album. Tell us why the album is significant to you, why you chose it, a little about its history if you want, etc.

*Notebl* Each story you write must have the title of a song on the album.

*Notebl* This is a contest for short stories and flash fiction only. No poetry or nonfiction will be accepted.

*Notebl* All songs in the album must be used (the judges will do research just to be sure).

*Notebl* Lyrics of each song (if applicable) must be placed at beginning or end of the story. Lyrics do not count toward the total word count.

*Notebl* Each story should not exceed 2,000 words. Please include a word count with each story.

*Notebl* Each story must not exceed a GC rating.

*Notebl* Stories can be connected to each other or can stand alone.

*Notebl* Judging will be based on overall quality of the anthology and not the individual strength of any particular story.

*Notebl* Judge(s) reserve the right to either rate/review every story individually, or provide one overall rating/review for the collection as a whole. Since judges have a lot to read, please do not expect detailed reviews.

*Notebl* The judge for this round of the contest are: Jeff

*Notebl* Once judging commences on July 1st, you may NOT edit your item(s). Any items modified after 11:59pm WDC time on June 30th will be disqualified.

*Notebl* Entries will be judged on the individual merits of each story (e.g., premise, story, characterization, dialogue, structure, technical issues, etc.) as well as how well they work together (either as continuations of the same serialized story, or standalone stories that reflect each individual song on the album). Please be sure to keep all of this in mind while writing and editing your stories.

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Anyone who successfully completes the challenge and submits a complete anthology will receive an exclusive Musicology Anthology Merit Badge!

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Thanks for your most generous donation to  [Link To Item #1377819]  with your fantastic fundraiser  [Link To Item #1546312] ! It's very much appreciated! *^*Bigsmile*^*

In addition, if there are three (3) or more qualifying entries, the following will be awarded:

*Bullet**Trophyg* FIRST PLACE
                   175,000 GP Gold Medal/Blue Ribbon Awardicon
                   100,000 GPs

If there are six (6) or more qualifying entries, the following will also be awarded:

*Bullet**Trophys* SECOND PLACE
                   174,000 GP Silver Medal/Red Ribbon Awardicon
                   75,000 GPs

If there are nine (9) or more qualifying entries, the following will also be awarded:

*Bullet**Trophyb* THIRD PLACE
                   173,000 GP Bronze Medal/White Ribbon Awardicon
                   50,000 GPs

Honorable Mentions will be given out at the judges' discretion:

                   Awardicon (value at judges' discretion)
                   25,000 GPs


Want the exclusive Musicology Anthology merit badge without writing anything? Just want to support The WDC Soundtrackers and our various activities? Anyone who donates 100,000 GPs or more during the contest round (i.e., the months of April, May, and June) will receive the exclusive Musicology Anthology merit badge.

Donations made during other times of the year that active contests are running will receive that challenge's custom badge. Donations made during the "off season" when no activities are currently running will receive a Music merit badge. For example, you can only donate to get the Resurrection Jukebox badge in October, the WDC Soundtrackers badge in February, etc.

Please send all donations to "The Soundtrackers Group (Group #1979333).

[Synergy Bonus]

If you pick an album with 10 or more songs and complete the challenge, you will meet the eligibility criteria for Best Short Story Collection over at "The Quills! This does not mean that you will automatically be nominated for a Quill if you meet the criteria, just that you would be eligible to be nominated in a category that can be very hard to find entries for. Consider giving this synergy challenge a try! *Bigsmile*

[The Lineup]

Didn't He Ramble?  [18+]
Stories inspired by the album, by Glen Hansard. An exploration of vampires and music.
by Dark Lady

                   *Up* WINNER *Up*

Meco, Encounters of Every Kind  [GC]
Encounters of Every Kind, Meco's follow-up album to Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk
by Alex Morgan

 Created from Filth and Dust  [13+]
Collection of stories based on the music album by Lilith Czar (Juliet Simms)
by Dawn Embers

Musically Inspired  [18+]
Holding pen for poems and/or stories inspired by music
by Lilli ☕ busy Quilling

Where music moves me. Here are my stories. Album #4
by Legerdemain

All I Am (Is All I'll Ever Be)  [13+]
river flows down, away. jettisoned craft swirls back, wrong direction…by my propulshun.
by Brian K Compton..tree still up

rites of passage  [GC]
Collection of stories inspired by songs on this album, written by Amy Ray & Emily Saliers
by buddhangela's🖤EvilTwin

"Who's Next" - Musicology Anthology  [18+]
The 9 tracks that make up the album "Who's Next" put together to tell a tale of a dystopia
by s

Pet Sounds  [18+]
Contest entry. Write a book about an album. I chose Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.
by D. Reed Whittaker

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

[Tour Dates]

Concert Begins: April 1, 2023
Concert Ends: June 30, 2023

*Note*Winners will be announced by August 1, 2023.

Note: If your entries do NOT meet the requirements or guidelines set, they will automatically be disqualified. If you have any other questions, please email Jeff .

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