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by Jeff
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A few short questions about your opinion on Awardicons.
Based on a recent blog post of mine and the comments it received ("Pros and Cons of Awardicons), I'm conducting a short survey about Awardicons on Writing.Com and what other WdC members think about them. If you have a few moments, please answer these ten quick multiple-choice questions. All data will be kept confidential and no individual results will be published; you also have the option of taking the survey anonymously if you prefer. The survey will only be used for the purpose of collecting data so that I can write a follow-up about the perception of Awardicons on Writing.Com.

Thank you!

(R) denotes a required field.
You may submit your survey anonymously by checking the box to the left.
1.   Do you think there's a significant problem around WdC regarding Awardicons being given to undeserving items (for any reason)? (R)
        Yes, it's a significant problem
        No, it's not a problem at all
        It's a problem, but not a major one
2.   If you do think there's a problem with Awardicons being given to undeserving items, what is the main cause? (R)
        Contests forced to award entries even if they're bad
        Auctions/raffles/etc. where you can buy or bid on packages with Awardicons
        Friends/buddies rewarding each other
        All three of the above equally contribute to the problem
        Other (please email me)
        N/A: I don't think any of these are problematic
3.   Are Awardicons an accurate measure of an item's quality? (R)
4.   How often do you read the inscription on an Awardicon? (R)
5.   Does seeing an Awardicon on an item impact your opinion of that item's quality? (R)
6.   Approximately how many total Awardicons have you given out since joining WdC? (R)
        Fewer than 10
        More than 100
7.   Of that total, approximately how many Awardicons did you give independently and solely based on the quality of the item? (In other words, excluding those given as part of contest placement, prize packages, or "just because" awards... i.e. the ones where you found something and felt compelled to award it) (R)
        None of them
        A few of them
        About half and half
        Most of them
        Almost all of them
        Every single one of them
8.   Have you ever given an Awardicon to an item, for any reason, that you didn't feel deserved it? (Including giving higher value Awardicons than you felt an item deserved as a result of a contest or prize package requirement.) (R)
9.   If you run a contest that includes Awardicon prizes, how often do you feel that entries deserve the Awardicon you're offering? (R)
        N/A: I don't run a contest w/ Awardicon prizes
10.   Do you feel that there's a value point at which Awardicons are more likely to indicate quality? (For example, when you see an Awardicon of a certain value and above, are you more likely to assume it's a meaningful award/quality item?) (R)
11.   If you answered yes to the above question, at what value do you start assuming the awardicon is meaningful and the item is of comparable quality?
        10K and above
        25K and above
        50K and above
        75K and above
        89-100K (i.e. Placement Ribbons) and above
        150K (i.e. Plaques) and above
        250K (i.e. Trophies) and above
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to Jeff . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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