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Use this form to order a participant SS merit badge.
Be a Secret Santa!

This survey is for participants in "Secret Santa - Closed to receive only one Secret Santa merit badge.

This survey will be available through Dec 30.

The merit badge service costs 15,000 gift points.

This is what the badge looks like:

Merit Badge in Secret Santa
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "Secret Santa" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2023835] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

The badges will be sent at the end of the activity *Bigsmile*
Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   Checking this box confirms you are purchasing a merit badge for participating in "Secret Santa - Closed. The message on the badge will say "Thank you for participating in Secret Santa 2023. "Secret Santa - Closed" (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.
2.   By checking, I am confirming cost of this service is 15,000 gift points, and am aware of the 5,000 gp upcharge for the merit badge.
         I will enter 15,000 in the survey gift point field below. (R)
      Check this box to agree with the above statement.

3.   This survey requires the sending of Gift Points.

      You have 0 Gift Points.
      Gift Points to send:
      Confirm Gift Points:
      (Minimum: 100 / Maximum: 1,000,000)
Important: Gift Points included will be sent to "Secret Santa Group. Writing.Com will deduct a processing fee of 5%. Gift Points sent via this form are non-refundable.
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to Legerdemain . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/handler/first_in/1/item_id/2069005-Order-Form-for-Secret-Santa-Merit-Badge