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Four competitive novel prep assignments accompanying the October Novel Prep Challenge

This is the submission form for the Prep Contest Rounds.
You must go to, sign up for, and participate in "October Novel Prep Challenge to compete in this contest!

         No, seriously. Go here first:
October Novel Prep Challenge  (13+)
2023 Sign-ups are CLOSED. A month-long novel-planning challenge with prizes galore.
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October Novel Prep Challenge: Contest Rounds
a survey form for submission of Prep Contest Round entries

What is The Prep?
The Prep is a month-long, community-oriented challenge that takes place every October, designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it. You don't even have to have a novel idea to participate! Your first assignment, on Oct. 1st, is to come up with an idea, and we provide you with brainstorming tools, plot generators, and a whole community of other novelists to help you along. The month-long Prep activity and daily assignments can be found here: "October Novel Prep Challenge

What are the Prep Contest Rounds?
The Prep Calendar of daily assignments includes four optionally competitive assignments judged and ranked by a team of judges for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Contest Rounds typically fall on the Saturdays in October. If you choose to compete in one or more Prep Contest Rounds, use this form to post your submission(s).

Abbreviated Rules
For full Prep rules refer to "October Novel Prep Challenge.

*Checkr* Sign up and log your first Prep assignment   by 10/3 to be eligible to compete.
*Checkr* Spend at least 15 minutes on each Contest Round entry (no time or word count max.)
*Checkr* Contest Round submissions may be any rating.
*Checkr* Submissions are due via this form by the deadline.
*Checkr* You must also log the assignment on the Entry Form for Prep assignment credit.

The Contest Rounds: 2023
Click each assignment for detailed instructions.

Oct. 7: - CONTEST ROUND: Protagonist Background Story
Oct. 14: - CONTEST ROUND: Antagonist Background Story
Oct. 21: - CONTEST ROUND: Setting Description.
Oct. 28: - CONTEST ROUND: Plot Background Story

*WDC time is New York City time and can be found at the top of your Favorites bar.

Looking for the daily assignments?
Go here: "October Novel Prep Challenge
Multiple submissions allowed | (R) denotes a required field.
1.   Which Prep assignment are you submitting? (R)
        Week 1: Protagonist Background Story
        Week 2: Antagonist Background Story
        Week 3: Setting Description
        Week 4: Plot Background Story
2.   Using {item:XXXXXX} or {entry:XXXXXX}, post your Prep Contest Round submission. (R)
*Note* Disclaimer: The information submitted will be sent to BrandiwynšŸŽ¶ . Do not submit anything private or confidential.


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