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by Coal
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Longer than 'Three Word Mayhem' and shorter than 'The Next Five Words'
Having so much fun with 3 and 5 words- why not?
Please be creative and off-the-wall without losing the all-important story line!
(Like there is one)

Anyway just add four words to continue the jabber. Hyphenated words count only as one. Rating has been changed to 18+ because some of you tend to stretch it a bit. Of course, I NEVER!

I just wondered why there wasn't a four word game yet, as I enjoy contributing to "Three Word Mayhem! and "Invalid Item

Profanity and vulgarity are not encouraged, and will be removed at my disgression.

Thanks and Welcome!

☮ Goofy Old Grum says "yourself a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious weekend"

Dad says "whether you want it "

Mrs. Whatsit says "or not, especially since"

Dad says "flying is completely impossible"

Dad says "For extinct fish. A"

Coal says "Hello Annie. My name"

☮ Goofy Old Grum says "Is legion, and i"

☮ Goofy Old Grum says "abhor goodness and light."

Dad says "What I love is"

☮ Goofy Old Grum says "a large juicy steak"

Dad says "smothered in mushrooms and "

eyestar~thanks anon! says "soaked in barbecue sauce."

Dad says "What this country needsb"

☮ Goofy Old Grum says "is good $5 steaks"

Dad says "smothered in mushrooms and"

Nani - Blessed Indeed says "peppers and onions, with"

Dad says "a side of green "

Elizabeth says "eggs and ham. You"

Dad says "remembered this I/O? "

Coal says "Yes! In 1789 I"

Thankful Sonali WDC POWER! says "Why don't we just"

AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan! says "let stinkers in elevators"

Coal says "and discourage festival seating. "

Dad says "Technically, aardvarks, hippopotamuses, and"

Jaksus says "Jessica share an ancestor."

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