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Would you wish to live in a world without boundaries?
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I often dream of what would it be like to live in a boundaryless world?

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Just imagine how nice it would be if you could just buy a ticket and board a plan to a destination of your choice either for business or pleasure? You wouldn't be restricted by requirements of visas and permits. Thus, there would be a free flow of labor that would encourage meritocracy and create efficiencies that would lead to an overall betterment of the human race.

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Nature did not create the artifical borders that separate one country from another. Experience shows that Providence knows best. Then why tinker with the natural order of things?

Phoenix says "I think visas, nationalism, and other such boundries result from the lack of resources. The idea that we could have a world without these things is only possible if there is an abundance of resources. Once resources dwindle natural boundries/limits occur."

Morgan Adam Internet Problems! says "Speaking from a strictly non-political POV, there is a kind of excitement from "crossing a boundary," almost like entering a different world."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "Ahem, all creatures have territories and boundaries. Humans really are just part of the natural order of things. Modern boundaries are much less than boundaries of the past. Europe before the European Union? The Berlin Wall? The Iron Curtain?"

Free_Rip says "It's a natural part of life to have boundaries; you say that nature does not- then what are nests, what are warning growls given by animals, or young lions knowing when they can eat and when to stay back. Ours are just exaggerated by new tech."

WistyOne says "Truly, in a perfect world boundaries would not be necessary. If everyone respected each other and worked for the better interest of others over themselves it would be an entirely different place to live."

Ashley says "I agree with Steve. It's natural to have territory and borders. Most living things stay in a specific area."

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1. Evaluate the pros and cons.

2. Visas are an artifical barrier to protect national labour interests. This is politically a sensitive topic.

3. Visas also ensure sufficient background check to keep away criminals and terrorists who could seriously jeopardise national interests.
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