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Where do you find pure joy in everyday life? Come on in and share it with everyone!
The lovely art for my Simple Joy page!

A BIG thank you to kiyasama for the beautiful banner!

Welcome to

*Butterflyv*   The Simple Joys List   *Butterflyv*

Hosted by The Dark Huntress

I always found it fascinating, what small things different people could find joy in, and thought about how much I would love to hear what makes my peers happy - and so this is the result. Jump in and have fun with it! Inspire each other, and be inspired!

*Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb*

*Butterflyv* A Few Guidelines *Butterflyv*

*Bulletv* Be creative! No joy is too mundane or too small to be included here! *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Feel free to use a joy from another contributor's list, but thank them along with it!*Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Remember to be original, and give others something to be inspired by! *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Consecutive Posting is welcome, as long as you limit each post to a list of 5 things *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Please try to keep content at a 13+ rating or below - thanks *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Have fun with it, and be fearless! There is no box! *Bulletv*

*Butterflyb* Example List *Butterflyb*

*Noteb* A cat running at top speed

*Noteb* The smell of a bookstore

*Noteb* Hot cocoa at midnight in the coldest winter

*Noteb* A fresh, unmarked notebook and a brand new pen

*Noteb* Night-driving with the windows down and loud music on

Now show us what brings you simple joy!

*Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb*

Contributor: Hannah ♫♥♫ @ 03-04-19 @ 1:00pm
Logging onto WDC and finding an email from a long lost friend ranks pretty high on my Joy List! *Heart*

Contributor: Ryan - Officially Published @ 06-07-11 @ 5:25pm
My joy came recently from watching a Golden Retriever puppy have a fight with a daffodil.

Contributor: Helene - Missing being here! @ 04-08-11 @ 8:21pm
The Jacaranda trees scattering their purple florettes over Pretoria like confetti in October. *Suitheart* The smooth drive down Beatrix when you strike the first traffic light green. *Suitheart* Double-thick chocolate milkshake.

Contributor: Underling @ 04-03-11 @ 6:32pm
My favourite thing EVER is when i sit down to watch an adaptation of a beloved book and instantly fall in love with the film too. I love to see a director so in touch with my ideas and feelings!

Contributor: Calypso @ 03-22-11 @ 2:16pm
1.) Horses running in a meadow. 2.) A scarlet sunset. 3.) Full moon over the ocean. 4.) Watching snowflakes fall. 5.) My grandchildren on any day of the week.

Contributor: Bonnie @ 03-22-11 @ 3:04am
JOY! for me today, was admiring the beauty of a pale yellow winter jasmine flower, whilst reviewing a story The girl without color- Imagine a colorless world.*Shock* *Sun*I spent a joy filled few minutes admiring the bursts of spring.*Bird*

Contributor: Christina~Thanks StoryMaster @ 03-20-11 @ 2:01pm
the wind in my hair...

Contributor: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 03-20-11 @ 10:53am
Getting dragged out of bed at 3 in the morning because someone discovered an In&Out I never posted in before. *Rolleyes*

Contributor: Lobelia is truly blessed @ 03-17-11 @ 12:14am
quiet reflection as I kneel at daily mass- such peace at the start of my day!

Contributor: Finn O'Flaherty @ 03-16-11 @ 5:46am
Nestling your face in a big fluffy white towel that's just come off a hot radiator! Highly recommended on a winters day.

Contributor: Fi @ 03-07-11 @ 4:35pm
Christ is the joy of everyday of my life!! Yes, and walking barefooted up a dusty country road in mid-summer or snuggling near a fire with book and coffee and chocolate! Mmmm...

Contributor: TheHuntress is Finding Herself @ 11-18-10 @ 4:41pm
*Butterflyv* You guys are listing some really beautiful and joyous stuff! I am completely moved and inspired by your contributions. Keep it up! *Butterflyv*

Contributor: Amanda @ 11-17-10 @ 12:34pm
Shopping... oh there's nothing better than bringing home something new, often useless, but new.

Contributor: Carol St. Ann @ 10-20-10 @ 8:57am
My loved ones! The sweet sentimental scent of autumn in NJ, needing a sweater, writing outside, my writing friends, sea sounds, walking through my fall garden, pumpkins, making photographs, and flying soaring on the wings of possibility.

Contributor: Morbidpetal @ 10-11-10 @ 6:15am
Knowing that in an hour I'll be on my way back home where the love of my life is waiting for me while I have to attend brain melting classes.

Contributor: Summer Day♥ @ 10-06-10 @ 7:29pm
The little quirks people do when they think no one's watching. Dancing (offbeat) to my favorite song. The smile of a friend. *BigSmile*

Contributor: Hannah ♫♥♫ @ 10-05-10 @ 12:31pm
Putting on my snowsuit, making a snow chair and basking in the balmy February Wisconsin sun! LOL, it helps with sunlight deprivation. *Laugh*

Contributor: TheHuntress is Finding Herself @ 10-04-10 @ 2:52am
*Butterflyv* My fiance's stupid jokes *Butterflyv* a long hot bath in candlelight *Butterflyv* Japanese music! *Butterflyv* the way my cat, Nova, sits on my chest when she's ready for me to get out of bed *Butterflyv* real sushi the right way

Contributor: Fang @ 10-03-10 @ 11:01pm
*Yinyang*Writing in genres I'm passionate about *Yinyang*Animals, especially reptiles *Yinyang*Reading an excellent new book *Yinyang*Being inspired and creating stories and art *Yinyang*Most of all, my fiance. *Bigsmile*

Contributor: The_Cavity has wisdom teeth! @ 10-03-10 @ 10:15pm

*RainbowL*Reading the perfect book at the right place at the right time *RainbowL*Looking at my college diploma and thinking 'I actually did it' *RainbowL*Writing Outside *RainbowL* Musicals

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