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Where do you find pure joy in everyday life? Come on in and share it with everyone!
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Welcome to

*Butterflyv*   The Simple Joys List   *Butterflyv*

Hosted by The Dark Huntress

I always found it fascinating, what small things different people could find joy in, and thought about how much I would love to hear what makes my peers happy - and so this is the result. Jump in and have fun with it! Inspire each other, and be inspired!

*Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb*

*Butterflyv* A Few Guidelines *Butterflyv*

*Bulletv* Be creative! No joy is too mundane or too small to be included here! *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Feel free to use a joy from another contributor's list, but thank them along with it!*Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Remember to be original, and give others something to be inspired by! *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Consecutive Posting is welcome, as long as you limit each post to a list of 5 things *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Please try to keep content at a 13+ rating or below - thanks *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Have fun with it, and be fearless! There is no box! *Bulletv*

*Butterflyb* Example List *Butterflyb*

*Noteb* A cat running at top speed

*Noteb* The smell of a bookstore

*Noteb* Hot cocoa at midnight in the coldest winter

*Noteb* A fresh, unmarked notebook and a brand new pen

*Noteb* Night-driving with the windows down and loud music on

Now show us what brings you simple joy!

*Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb* *Butterflyv* *Butterflyb*

Contributor: Hannah ♫♥♫ @ 03-04-19 @ 1:00pm
Logging onto WDC and finding an email from a long lost friend ranks pretty high on my Joy List! *Heart*

Contributor: Ryan - Officially Published @ 06-07-11 @ 5:25pm
My joy came recently from watching a Golden Retriever puppy have a fight with a daffodil.

Contributor: Helene - Missing being here! @ 04-08-11 @ 8:21pm
The Jacaranda trees scattering their purple florettes over Pretoria like confetti in October. *Suitheart* The smooth drive down Beatrix when you strike the first traffic light green. *Suitheart* Double-thick chocolate milkshake.

Contributor: Underling @ 04-03-11 @ 6:32pm
My favourite thing EVER is when i sit down to watch an adaptation of a beloved book and instantly fall in love with the film too. I love to see a director so in touch with my ideas and feelings!

Contributor: Calypso @ 03-22-11 @ 2:16pm
1.) Horses running in a meadow. 2.) A scarlet sunset. 3.) Full moon over the ocean. 4.) Watching snowflakes fall. 5.) My grandchildren on any day of the week.

Contributor: Bonnie @ 03-22-11 @ 3:04am
JOY! for me today, was admiring the beauty of a pale yellow winter jasmine flower, whilst reviewing a story The girl without color- Imagine a colorless world.*Shock* *Sun*I spent a joy filled few minutes admiring the bursts of spring.*Bird*

Contributor: Christina~Thanks StoryMaster @ 03-20-11 @ 2:01pm
the wind in my hair...

Contributor: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 03-20-11 @ 10:53am
Getting dragged out of bed at 3 in the morning because someone discovered an In&Out I never posted in before. *Rolleyes*

Contributor: Lobelia is truly blessed @ 03-17-11 @ 12:14am
quiet reflection as I kneel at daily mass- such peace at the start of my day!

Contributor: Finn O'Flaherty @ 03-16-11 @ 5:46am
Nestling your face in a big fluffy white towel that's just come off a hot radiator! Highly recommended on a winters day.

Contributor: Fi @ 03-07-11 @ 4:35pm
Christ is the joy of everyday of my life!! Yes, and walking barefooted up a dusty country road in mid-summer or snuggling near a fire with book and coffee and chocolate! Mmmm...

Contributor: The Dark_Huntress Returns! @ 11-18-10 @ 4:41pm
*Butterflyv* You guys are listing some really beautiful and joyous stuff! I am completely moved and inspired by your contributions. Keep it up! *Butterflyv*

Contributor: Amanda @ 11-17-10 @ 12:34pm
Shopping... oh there's nothing better than bringing home something new, often useless, but new.

Contributor: Alka @ 11-01-10 @ 3:26am
Sitting on a mountainside slope looking across valleys chatting with friends, nature at its best--beaches, mountains, forests, riverside, sitting quietly outside a temple where prayers are being offered, cooking food for family, meeting old friends....

Contributor: Carol St. Ann @ 10-20-10 @ 8:57am
My loved ones! The sweet sentimental scent of autumn in NJ, needing a sweater, writing outside, my writing friends, sea sounds, walking through my fall garden, pumpkins, making photographs, and flying soaring on the wings of possibility.

Contributor: Moonlight writer @ 10-20-10 @ 3:09am
The midnight silence of my home with autumn pressing against the window, writing by candle light. Pedicures and day dreaming.Walking through fog laden streets of Carmel at midnight. The crashing of a midnight surf. Snuggling with my family on movie night!

Contributor: Morbidpetal @ 10-11-10 @ 6:15am
Knowing that in an hour I'll be on my way back home where the love of my life is waiting for me while I have to attend brain melting classes.

Contributor: Summer Day♥ @ 10-06-10 @ 7:29pm
The little quirks people do when they think no one's watching. Dancing (offbeat) to my favorite song. The smile of a friend. *BigSmile*

Contributor: Hannah ♫♥♫ @ 10-05-10 @ 12:31pm
Putting on my snowsuit, making a snow chair and basking in the balmy February Wisconsin sun! LOL, it helps with sunlight deprivation. *Laugh*

Contributor: The Dark_Huntress Returns! @ 10-04-10 @ 2:52am
*Butterflyv* My fiance's stupid jokes *Butterflyv* a long hot bath in candlelight *Butterflyv* Japanese music! *Butterflyv* the way my cat, Nova, sits on my chest when she's ready for me to get out of bed *Butterflyv* real sushi the right way

Contributor: Fang @ 10-03-10 @ 11:01pm
*Yinyang*Writing in genres I'm passionate about *Yinyang*Animals, especially reptiles *Yinyang*Reading an excellent new book *Yinyang*Being inspired and creating stories and art *Yinyang*Most of all, my fiance. *Bigsmile*

Contributor: The_Cavity has wisdom teeth! @ 10-03-10 @ 10:15pm

*RainbowL*Reading the perfect book at the right place at the right time *RainbowL*Looking at my college diploma and thinking 'I actually did it' *RainbowL*Writing Outside *RainbowL* Musicals

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