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Are you looking for a review forum?

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Submitted By: Write_to_disorder
Submission Time: 05-03-16 @ 5:26am
Description: Hi I have a few tales I would like to get reviews for. There is comedy, romance, horror, children's. I've set some GP as a thanks for anyone wishing to review. Please note some are liked and other not great. I'm happy with any reviews. Thanks for reading.

Submitted By: morganwilliams
Submission Time: 02-15-11 @ 3:58am
Description: please read some of my stores i need peoples opians thnk u

Submitted By: Nok2
Submission Time: 12-25-09 @ 10:42pm
Description: A Give and Take review forum for novels

Submitted By: Anti
Submission Time: 10-31-09 @ 4:28pm
Description: My review center has returned. Post inside for FREE, in-depth reviews!

Submitted By: Mike~Dolphins Fan 4 Life
Submission Time: 10-16-09 @ 12:03pm
Description: Forum is open once again after a long hiatus. Drop in and take a look. Low fees which will later be donated to various groups. Thank you!

Submitted By: Summer... who's she again?
Submission Time: 10-16-09 @ 10:04am
Description: Specializing in punctuation & spelling. :-)

Submitted By: Pyper working hard on project
Submission Time: 10-14-09 @ 12:37am
Description: Review forum now reopened. Please allow me enough time to read and review. Thanks.

Submitted By: RisanF
Submission Time: 10-02-09 @ 12:02pm
Description: A Give and Take review forum; timely return, detailed reviews, and no limits on file size.

Submitted By: Grace
Submission Time: 09-28-09 @ 3:25pm
Description: This is the perfect place for those looking for unique and in-depth reviews of their work by actually chatting live with a group of other writers!

Submitted By: Tania
Submission Time: 09-27-09 @ 6:19pm
Description: come in and take a peek at what i have to offer.

Submitted By: A Guest Visitor
Submission Time: 12-31-69 @ 7:00pm

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