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by Dave
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Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.

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"The Poet's Place is for anyone who loves to read, write, or review poetry. It is a discussion place for all of us to learn from each other. It's a place to exchange reviews. There are contests, poetry readings and review blitzes. We have a Poetry Professor who creates discussions about poetic devices, forms, and anything else that pertains to poetry. So, if you are poet, this is the place to be!

If our introduction didn't entice you, read the list of benefits below. This is just a short list; you'll discover much more when you join the group and begin to engage with our allies in this creative process.

*StarV* Interact with fellow wordsmiths through the reviewing process.
*Quill*  Unlimited help in the discussion forum. 
*StarV* Continuously new info on poem forms, devices, etc.
*Quill* A listing of all the poem contests & resources on WDC. 
*StarV* Opportunities to read your colleague's poetry and gain exposure for your own work.
*Quill* Join the conversation at
~ The Poet's Place Cafe~  (E)
A place for discussion on poetry, reviews, contests, etc.
#1937709 by Dave

Every group needs gps to function and keep activities going on, we are same! Donations of 40k or more will receive a Poetry or Fundraising Merit Badge. Below are all donations more than 1k. Thank you angels! *Heart* *Angel*

Click here for a list of our wonderful donors!

Activities Benefiting our Group

We will try and support you in any way we can, just like these activities support us! *Heart*

*Quill* "Invalid Item
*Ribbon* "Birthday Signatures and Raffle
*StarV* {item:Yours}

We also have a library that has a large expanse of resources for beginner poets and experienced poets alike. The library features help with poetry terminology, techniques, tools, forms, reviewing help and workshops. This library is for group members only, so if you want access to this brilliant resource you'll have to join the group!

The Poet's Place Library   (E)
Where all our reference material is stored.
#1946673 by Dave

Now, the best part, how to join the group. Bigsmile To join the group, hit the image below! It'll take you to a simple survey that will allow you entrance into the group.


  Group Members:  204 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  1,068,351 GPs

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Dave -- Group Captain/Poetry Prof
Marci Missing Everyone -- Founder & Co-Captain
Gabriella -- Wordsmith
~ Sisco ~ -- Wordsmith
Princess Zelda -- Wordsmith
Samberine Everose-lownet sgnal -- Wordsmith
~Watery~Grave~ -- Wordsmith
lmmortal -- Wordsmith
Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade -- Wordsmith
Zoe Ross -- Wordsmith
kdugan We got this -- Wordsmith
ChrisDaltro-Chasing Moonbeams -- Wordsmith
LostGhost: WhiteWalker -- Wordsmith
Jellyfish -- Wordsmith
John Doe -- Wordsmith
Jack-check out 7YS -- Wordsmith
Nana -- Wordsmith
Smiles -- Wordsmith
Teerich-Visiting! -- Wordsmith
PandaPaws -- Wordsmith
openyourize -- Wordsmith
Alexi is thankful for each day -- Wordsmith
River McKenna -- Wordsmith
Al -- Wordsmith
Lilyx* -- Wordsmith
everyjones -- Wordsmith
Ghostranch -- Wordsmith
Solace -- Wordsmith
Windstorm -- Wordsmith
HuntersMoon -- Wordsmith
Tammy Petry -- Wordsmith
eyestar~Martell Sunspears fly! -- Wordsmith
Giza -- Wordsmith
shon.E -- Wordsmith
Sandy~HopeWhisperer -- Wordsmith
Shalaka -- Wordsmith
Rowen Clare -- Wordsmith
NYPen -- Wordsmith
Kasia -- Wordsmith
Mandy -- Wordsmith
Tazzypoo -- Wordsmith
Isola Bertolucci -- Wordsmith
Quihadi -- Wordsmith
Kate ~ Writing and Reading -- Wordsmith
Shishir -- Wordsmith
WitchHazel -- Wordsmith
wordshavewings -- Wordsmith
ber-brag -- Wordsmith
AtticaBob -- Wordsmith
SQuinn -- Wordsmith

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