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For folks who write "By The Seat Of Their Pants" Sit down and let the story flow. :-)
Hello, everyone.

    Welcome to "Pantsers" United. We proudly call ourselves "pantsers" for a reason. When we write, it's By The Seat Of Our Pants. *Smile*

    I formed this group for those of us who just sort of "wing it" when we write. For the folks who take nothing but pure joy in the process of creating. We allow the story and it's denizens to let us know where they want to go and what they want to do when they get there, while we just hang on for the ride.

    We don't go in with a *shudder* detailed outline because when we do, our characters just give us the proverbial finger as they go merrily on their way.

    We may, as a group, occasionally run a contest or two once I figure out a couple of good ones to try. I have at least one idea but I will wait til there are a few members before I actually try a contest. Might be pretty pointless if there was a contest but no one to join in. These contests will be open to the public so anyone can be a Pantser. Even if only temporarily. *Smile*

    Here we can discuss some of the things we can all relate to. Such as the looks you get from people when you tell them that your characters tell you where they are going. LOL

    So this is your official welcome to our humble little group.

    We now have a forum for group members that can be found here ""Pantsers" United




    P.S. If you aren't a "Pantser", you are still more than welcome to join us. Who knows, maybe you'll find pantsing just as rewarding as planning things out. *Smile*

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