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by Jeff
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A Writing.Com group dedicated to the craft and business of screenwriting.
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A nondescript conference room with an enormous steel-and-glass table dominating the center of the room. Jeff (30s, handsome) sits in one of the expensive-looking chairs that surrounds the table. He motions for the NEW GROUP MEMBERS to sit and slides a folder down the table toward each of them.

They leaf through The Screenwriting Group welcome packet as he speaks.

                             (smiling, arms outstretched)
                   Welcome to The Screenwriting Group, a Writing.Com
                   group for those interested in learning about the craft
                   and the business of screenwriting. Since you're new,
                   let me tell you a little about myself.

He takes a deep breath, savoring the moment.

                                       JEFF (CONT'D)
                   As far as my background goes, I went to film school,
                   graduating with a BA in Film & Electronic Media. I've
                   worked in the entertainment industry for more than a
                   decade, as both a screenwriter and an executive
                   responsible for - at various times - production,
                   development, business affairs, and operations.

Jeff's audience 'oohs' and 'aahs' at his impressive resume.

                                       JEFF (CONT'D)
                   Please check out the list of group items below.
                   Feel free to be as involved as you want to be; there
                   are no participation requirements, but we would
                   like to create a close-knit group where people at
                   least know one another. So take some time, look
                   around, and when you're ready, please introduce
                   yourself in the forum!

With the meeting adjourned, Jeff gets up and exits the room, leaving the new group members to explore the welcome materials and try to decide where to go first.


The Screenwriting Group Forum  [13+]
Discussion forum about the craft and business of screenwriting.
by Jeff

The Screenwriting Group Articles  [18+]
A collection of screenwriting articles from The Screenwriting Group.
by Jeff

The Screenwriting Group Sign-Up Form  [E]
Sign-up form for anyone who would like to join The Screenwriting Group.
by Jeff

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