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December 10, 2018:

[caption me!]

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2018 Merit Badge Winners

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 12-10-18 @ 12:16pm
Kitty jingle all the way

: bobturn @ 12-10-18 @ 11:09am
Yes, sir. The Pentagon wants to hire you when you are not busy the other 364 days of the calendar. It takes more than once a year to remind people to be nice instead of naughty.

: Jasmine @ 12-10-18 @ 2:52am
I can't believe you really think something's wrong with me just because I left a gift for that naughty child. For Christ's sake, it's christmas man!

: Rima~Thanks SM & SMs @ 12-10-18 @ 12:03am
Before he headed out for his mission 'Round the world in 80 minutes', even Santa needed a checkup...

: Linda @ 12-09-18 @ 6:09pm
"Yes, Santa that's correct you qualify for NASA health coverage."

: Jeannie @ 12-09-18 @ 5:40pm
"Look at me Santa, are you still with me! Oh, excuse me for pulling your beard, you look so fake."

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-09-18 @ 2:13pm
Santa, you've got to start cutting down on the eggnog.

: šŸŽ„RRodgersWrites--HollyJolly @ 12-09-18 @ 1:19pm
"No, Mr. Claus. You still cannot enlist in the Air Force. This 'Jingle Bells' heartbeat I keep hearing is considered quite abnormal! . . . and your weight! Geez, man!"

: Jasmine @ 12-09-18 @ 11:19am
" heard of Pandas?" " Nope. They are called a sloth of Pandas."

: bobturn @ 12-08-18 @ 10:51pm
I KNOW. We are all hunting for 'Where's Waldo!'

: šŸŽ„RRodgersWrites--HollyJolly @ 12-08-18 @ 8:19pm
"Just stop this panda-monium, and help us find his contact lens!"

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 12-08-18 @ 8:12pm
When in the land of Panda's, do as the Panda's.

: Solace.Bring @ 12-08-18 @ 6:31pm
Sichuan's Black and White Ball

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-08-18 @ 3:47pm
It's panda-monium!

: Linda @ 12-08-18 @ 3:01pm
POLICE DEPARTMENT: "So you were attacked by a panda bear, take a glance at this photo."

: Solace.Bring @ 12-08-18 @ 1:10am
And Santa wins the gold for his Solo Ice Dance Tribute to the Christmas Tree!

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-07-18 @ 5:42pm
If I make it all the way across without dropping the tree, Mrs. Clause has a surprise for me *Heart* *Kiss*

: Jeannie @ 12-07-18 @ 5:21pm
Just a skating along, A little Christmas tree in hand. Where's my eight star bucks?

: Linda @ 12-07-18 @ 2:18pm
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, I don't think this is what Brenda Lee had in mind."

: SandraLynn @ 12-07-18 @ 12:27pm
Gutting the traditional Thanksgiving sacrifice.

: Linda @ 12-06-18 @ 10:02pm
"Look Son, pumpkin brains!"

: bobturn @ 12-06-18 @ 9:55pm
You just can't beat them after Halloween sale - post Thanksgiving Clearance - Black Friday Last Chance - Pre Christmas deals, can you, kids?

: šŸŽ„RRodgersWrites--HollyJolly @ 12-06-18 @ 9:43pm
"This isn't the 'pot 'o gold' at the end of the rainbow they were talking about, Sis. You and Dad have it mixed up with St. Patrick's Day."

: Solace.Bring @ 12-06-18 @ 8:38pm
Jimmy: Dad sure has a weird, year-round hobby. Joanie: Quit yappin' and help make the Christmas jack-o-lantern!

: Jasmine @ 12-06-18 @ 8:28am
This beach sure does take my breath away, what I'm not sure is how granpa used to take strolls in here.

: Rima~Thanks SM & SMs @ 12-05-18 @ 11:51pm
If people had half the sense as there is garbage here, there wouldn't be as half as much garbage anywhere.

: bobturn @ 12-05-18 @ 10:04pm
I don't see any white trash living here . . .

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 12-05-18 @ 9:59pm
It going to take me a while to clean this beach up. I don't think one trash bag will be enough.

: Solace.Bring @ 12-05-18 @ 8:05pm
Whew ... that was one heck of a family reunion!

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-05-18 @ 4:17pm
When I volunteered to help clean up the beach I didn't realize there'd be so much to clean up! *FacePalm*

: Linda @ 12-05-18 @ 2:29pm
"Sam, get a picture of this lakeside landfill, it's going to be our promo picture for The Clean Water Act."

: Jeannie @ 12-05-18 @ 2:20pm
'Where did all this junk come from' is what I would like to know?

: Jasmine @ 12-05-18 @ 12:07pm
Its in the air. I can feel it...the pollens.

: Solace.Bring @ 12-05-18 @ 10:08am
Ahhh-CHOO! Allergy Alert ... do you see all these weeds?!

: bobturn @ 12-05-18 @ 6:46am
You want me to fly in the sky pulling a magic sleigh. Are you crazy? Who do you think you are, Santa Claus?

: SandraLynn @ 12-04-18 @ 9:37pm
Did you hear the one about the stag and doe? Oh dear, it's funny!

: Linda @ 12-04-18 @ 8:01pm
"Come on Rudolph, it's time to charge your nose."

: Heleny @ 12-04-18 @ 7:17pm
Rudolph the Red knows rain dear!!

: šŸŽ„RRodgersWrites--HollyJolly @ 12-04-18 @ 4:40pm
*Music2* ā€œOh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!...ā€ *Music1* *Music2*

: Jeannie @ 12-04-18 @ 4:23pm
If he tries to shoot me, I'll ram him with my antlers!

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-04-18 @ 2:05pm
He's standing in my toilet area!

: Abby Gayle @ 12-04-18 @ 2:04pm
When your rock music is so loud all the predators can hear it but you don't care because Skillet says you're Not Gonna Die . . .

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 12-04-18 @ 2:01pm
He thinks he is hunting me, but little does he know that I'm hunting him.

: Linda @ 12-03-18 @ 10:04pm
On Standby: "Santa Paws Ground Crew"

: Heleny @ 12-03-18 @ 9:30pm
Oops, I think we have taken a wrong turn. This is "Frozen"!

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-03-18 @ 6:16pm
Ok, we lost that Cruella DeVille... did anyone bring a map to get back home?

: Solace.Bring @ 12-03-18 @ 3:27pm
ā€œOn Spotty, on Dapple, on Dotty and Splotchy!ā€

: Jeannie @ 12-03-18 @ 3:15pm
I want to sit in the sleigh next!

: Jellyfish wants her OWN reef.. @ 12-03-18 @ 3:14pm
Spot the difference.....

: šŸŽ„RRodgersWrites--HollyJolly @ 12-03-18 @ 2:58pm
"Might you consider settling for a 'five dog' open sleigh?!?"

: Linda @ 12-02-18 @ 11:43pm
"Son, stay away from humans, they make "Gorilla Glue."

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-02-18 @ 6:30pm
I wish those ugly apes with their black boxes would find something else to look at.

: Linda @ 12-01-18 @ 5:13pm
Infomercial Here I Come! "Magical Ear Reduction Formula" Warning: may be harmful to the eyes

: SandraLynn @ 12-01-18 @ 4:43pm
One-too-many-Christmas-movies hangover leads to a Pepto-Bismo dependency.

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 12-01-18 @ 4:15pm
If only I could get a pinch of brain, this formula would be perfect!

: SandraLynn @ 12-01-18 @ 1:12pm
The indescribable agony of husbands waiting for their wives to finish Christmas shopping.

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 12-01-18 @ 8:12am
They kept all the secrets of the universe.

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-30-18 @ 4:22pm
Well, mom was half right when she said all we were was skin and bones

: Jeannie @ 11-30-18 @ 2:58pm
"Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil," I think we've been mimicking this saying far too long!

: Linda @ 11-30-18 @ 2:21pm
This monkey business is killing me.

: SandraLynn @ 11-29-18 @ 11:00pm
Is it girls, or gourds that have cooties?

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-29-18 @ 7:51pm
Pumpkin cult of children

: Linda @ 11-29-18 @ 7:41pm
Babies, all babies - Where's the moms and dads?

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-29-18 @ 4:24pm
This is so *NOT* as good as the ball pit at the fun place! These balls are hard and have a pokey bit!

: Jasmine @ 11-29-18 @ 8:22am
What good am I in an ad for these rain boots on clearance sale?

: SandraLynn @ 11-28-18 @ 8:40pm
I thought these boots were puddle jumpers, not pug jumpers.

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-28-18 @ 8:34pm
Seriously, I wanted doggie toys for christmas and you give me pink boots. What kind of a human are you?

: bobturn @ 11-28-18 @ 3:18pm
*Music2* I get a boot out of you *Music1* <a howling success sung with soul with a little poochie down at the heel>

: Jellyfish wants her OWN reef.. @ 11-28-18 @ 2:46pm
This year, I'm giving Christmas the boot!!

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-28-18 @ 2:01pm
*HeartP* I brought you these cute booties so you can walk me in the rain *Rain* *HeartP*

: Rima~Thanks SM & SMs @ 11-28-18 @ 1:17pm
What can I say? A pup in boots is more... er... adorable than a pussycat... don't ya think so?

: Linda @ 11-28-18 @ 12:29pm
"Merry Christmas" from the "Woof Woof Agency (dogwalkers who know about a doggone good time!)

: bobturn @ 11-27-18 @ 9:33pm
How's that frog in your throat? Hmm? Pretty tasty. Thanks. Try one.

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-27-18 @ 8:54pm
Jingle Bears Rock

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-27-18 @ 2:47pm
A grizzly and a polar bear walk into a room... to share with you some merry Christmas tunes!

: Linda @ 11-27-18 @ 7:51am
"We wish you a beary Christmas and a Happy New Year!

: SandraLynn @ 11-26-18 @ 12:11pm
Stand back! I have this carrot and I'm not afraid too use it. Do ya wanna be chopped , grated, or julienned ?

: Solace.Bring @ 11-26-18 @ 11:44am
Floppsy: Before and After her nerve meds

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-26-18 @ 10:36am
You mess with my kid and I'll whack you with this carrot!

: Linda @ 11-26-18 @ 10:26am
"Get ready Sister, carrots and dental bills go together!"

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-25-18 @ 10:50pm
Why settle for beef and cheese when you can have flies and fleas?

: SandraLynn @ 11-25-18 @ 2:29pm
Mesquite mosquito? Flamin' fly? Whatever... A frog still eats what bugs him.

: Bikerider Merry Christmas! @ 11-25-18 @ 1:35pm
*Fire*Voila! Rib-its for everyone!*Fire*

: Jeannie @ 11-25-18 @ 1:17pm
Yes, it's me. Chef Froggie, and I'm definitely not grilling any frog legs!

: bobturn @ 11-25-18 @ 10:33am
I won this for doing a 'Time Share' vacation resort promo. A two for win. I keep the BBQ. The resort keeps my wife for two weeks a year.

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-25-18 @ 9:47am
Okay, who stole the BBQ bugs I had on the grill?

: Dave thanks SM & SMs @ 11-23-18 @ 11:03am
So, which of you smart alecks left these on the floor for me to trip over?

: bobturn @ 11-23-18 @ 10:12am
"Coo! What? The Cob say to me leggo what troubles you so I kick the *** out of what walls me in and I am free. So? It work I tell you."

: SandraLynn @ 11-23-18 @ 10:02am
A Mom picks up all the little pieces and holds them together.

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-22-18 @ 9:15pm
Lego time is over

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-22-18 @ 2:09pm
Eyes forward, sweetie! I do not want to have to dig you out of that L-E-G-O pile.

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-21-18 @ 3:54pm
I've got to run faster, before he webs me!

: SandraLynn @ 11-21-18 @ 3:48pm
Yes! All that training paid off and I can finally outrun a spider!

: Masoodah @ 11-21-18 @ 7:55am
"Happy Birthday, Dawg! Now drink some wine." "We can't drink wine, we're dogs." "Fair enough, let us take a picture instead."

: bobturn @ 11-21-18 @ 6:10am
I feel like a stuffed animal lost in some teen's mixed up love fantasy. When they aren't looking during this commercial take, I'm stealing the dog food and running out between the cameraman's legs. Are you with me?

: SandraLynn @ 11-20-18 @ 11:56am
Remember, first we sit, then we get cheese.. You heard that, right?

: Solace.Bring @ 11-20-18 @ 10:19am
"Hey, Trixie ... what up, dawg? Hahaha!" "Heads up, Beau ... camera! Look pretty now."

: PWheeler ~ thankful @ 11-20-18 @ 10:08am
How dare you interrupt our anniversary soiree?!!

: Gypsy Ann Winter Faery @ 11-20-18 @ 7:59am
I think we are early in the new year celebration. No one else is wearing these silly hats.

: Jasmine @ 11-20-18 @ 7:17am
Really Ted? You think we are cute? I feel ridiculous.

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