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That gives you 24 hours, minus a minute, to WOW me.

*Brain* Free to play but bribes donations are always welcome.

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and one merit badge will be awarded!

October Winners!
*Pumpkin2* October 6 winner: Jasmine won the ENCORE! ENCORE! Merit Badge (sent through CRA)
*Pumpkin2* October 13 winner: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler won the DRAMA Merit Badge
*Pumpkin2* October 20 winner: bobturn-of-the-screw won the FUNNY Merit Badge
*Pumpkin2* October 27 winner:

October 22, 2018:

[caption me!]

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2018 Merit Badge Winners

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-22-18 @ 1:17pm
Family fun day in the snow.

: bobturn-of-the-screw @ 10-22-18 @ 11:32am
No, we don't want to find our missing seal of approval. That's why we left.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-22-18 @ 10:48am
Polar bus stops really ought to have a wind blocker, mama

: Jasmine @ 10-22-18 @ 2:02am
Heads up, feet apart, forward march

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-21-18 @ 9:47pm
Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-21-18 @ 11:48am
This wasn't egg-xactly what we planned!

: Solace.Bring @ 10-21-18 @ 2:44am
Scrambled Eggs

: bobturn-of-the-screw @ 10-20-18 @ 10:40am
Now that we have 'Teach' inside, let's see how fast he goes downhill. He said he had a pretty hard uphill climb teaching 'us' anything.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-20-18 @ 8:38am
Are you sure these hubcaps will hold the beer in?

: Abby Gayle @ 10-20-18 @ 12:26am
We can't possibly get tired on the track if we have it in front of us!

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-19-18 @ 10:49pm
Gift's bringing our Santa!! Gift's bringing our Santa!! ... Eh?? *Shock*

: SandraLynn @ 10-19-18 @ 8:11pm
Santa works out a new gift distribution system, Running Wrapped.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-19-18 @ 12:51pm
Loser has to shovel out Rudolph's stall!

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-18-18 @ 6:39pm
Can you move? You're blocking my view of the tigers.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-18-18 @ 6:28pm
No, I will not get out of your road. You just wait until I'm done my lion business.

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-18-18 @ 2:02pm
We don't have Zebra but Lion crossings...

: { Wishing for Fall} Seshat @ 10-18-18 @ 12:21pm
Strolling along Singing a song I'm Free!

: bobturn-of-the-screw @ 10-17-18 @ 7:58pm
Geez. Everything coming out of the ocean is plastic these days! Trashed again.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-17-18 @ 7:28pm
Hey, you said you were going to give me a hug! I didn't agree to any of this tail pulling business.

: ♠Hocus Pocos♠ Jeannie @ 10-17-18 @ 11:46am
Oh oh! Somefin tells me I'm in big trouble!

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-17-18 @ 11:40am
Oh fish! Just when I was going to transform into my human form....

: Morticia Addams @ 10-17-18 @ 7:54am
Oh Brer Fisherman, do whatever you want with me. Kill me. Cut me up. Grill shark steaks. I don't care. Just please, oh, please don't throw me back into that ocean.

: Solace.Bring @ 10-17-18 @ 5:32am
"Darned thing keeps trying to crawl out of the primordial soup!"

: Queen of Hearts @ 10-17-18 @ 3:17am

I bet it tastes like chicken!

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-15-18 @ 12:14pm
I was looking for the mouse

: SandraLynn @ 10-15-18 @ 11:26am
Your cat scan is almost complete, ma'am. I've removed the bugs and a few dust bunnies.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-15-18 @ 10:59am
Someone said there were mice in here but I don't see any *Mouse*

: Spiderine Everose @ 10-15-18 @ 4:21am
" Yay! I will have a quiet time in my napping time!"

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-13-18 @ 9:03pm
Welcome to my world.

: SandraLynn @ 10-13-18 @ 1:31pm
Cabin? I'm looking for a quiet space where I won't alienate the neighbours.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-13-18 @ 12:09pm
What are you looking at? Aliens need vacations too! *Martian*

: Solace.Bring @ 10-13-18 @ 9:46am
"Y’all come on in! I made gbuchlzc and dumplin’s!"

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-13-18 @ 4:46am
Yeuh fjd jf fjdo fkfh... hddf... jeHdg bHiod pqkjgy!! [Translation in English: Happy Halloween... er... Am I early!!]

: Solace.Bring @ 10-12-18 @ 8:19pm
I think Bob Ross would put a happy little tree right there!

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-12-18 @ 7:16pm
I'm a lousy painter but it sure beats cleaning toilets!

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-12-18 @ 2:22pm
Hey George, me thinks me got it after 3 tries.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-10-18 @ 5:52pm
Don't worry little fish, I just want to give you a little kiss *Kiss*

: Solace.Bring @ 10-10-18 @ 3:54pm
Fish without tartar sauce? Unbearable!

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-10-18 @ 7:48am
There, there. Everything will be okay fishy. I'll take care of you. Besides it's dinner time.

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-10-18 @ 1:19am
Oh no! Fishy... I'll save ya... Won't let ya drown.

: Morticia Addams @ 10-09-18 @ 9:46pm
One sly reporter slipped his hat, and press badge on the irresistibly cute koala bear then snuck off to get the scoop of the century while his competitors, unable to resist the charm of the koala, sat and watched the bear eat gum eucalyptus leaves.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-09-18 @ 3:59pm
There's a sweet story brewing in the eucalyptus leaves!

: SandraLynn @ 10-09-18 @ 12:53pm
I'm koalafied to blend in with my surroundings and observe.

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-09-18 @ 9:35am
Yes boss, I'm on the job. No boss. I won't eat my hiding place this time boss...

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-08-18 @ 9:41pm
This is how we passed the time before television, meteor shower and star gazing.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-08-18 @ 5:47pm
You see how far the stars in the sky are? That's how different men and women are. We'll never understand them. Just accept it and enjoy your popcorn *Heart*

: Solace.Bring @ 10-08-18 @ 2:16pm
Dad: We can sit out here in the middle of nowhere, eat popcorn, and watch the night sky -- The Movie of the Cosmos! Cool ... right, Son? Billy: You forgot to pay the electric bill again, didn’t you, Dad?

: Jasmine @ 10-08-18 @ 12:14pm
Dad is bad. So very boring. Next time I'm not going no where without mommy.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-07-18 @ 8:04pm
Wait, it wasn't me, it was my cousin the sun dragon.

: Solace.Bring @ 10-07-18 @ 2:31pm
Okay, Mr. Smith, open just a little wider. Hmm ... looks like that back molar needs a filling. Let's go ahead and deaden you up.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-07-18 @ 12:06pm
That's the last time you spit in my soup!

: Jasmine @ 10-07-18 @ 12:04pm
A little to the right Sir knight, that's where the fish thorn is stuck.

: Abby Gayle @ 10-07-18 @ 11:52am
Sir George the Dragon --- uh, George, that's Nessie. Wrong dragon-like thing . . .

: SandraLynn @ 10-07-18 @ 11:22am
A knight's to do list: slay a dragon, sharpen sword.....wait, is it the other way around?

: SandraLynn @ 10-06-18 @ 1:10pm
The grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-06-18 @ 11:18am
Come on, sheep. You've got to forgive us for charging the fence. It was just a joke! We can't take your silent treatment.

: Solace.Bring @ 10-06-18 @ 8:38am
Spectators begin to line up for the big parade. Some wish they had brought lawn chairs.

: bobturn-of-the-screw @ 10-04-18 @ 2:34pm
"I know. Just look at it all . . . must mean the general's wife convinced him to try a little buttering up diplomacy with his political enemies. We'd best start unloading the next truckload.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-04-18 @ 2:32pm
Top secret and on location, the rear entrance to the White House for Holiday baking.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-04-18 @ 12:29pm
This butter influx must be because of the general's Paleo craze

: Jasmine @ 10-04-18 @ 10:48am
Hey bud, I can't get peel my eyes from this butter. Now I know why you wear your shades indoors too .

: Solace.Bring @ 10-04-18 @ 9:40am
Bountiful Butter Brigade

: Jasmine @ 10-03-18 @ 9:51pm
Why I'm I not able to breathe?

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-03-18 @ 5:10pm
Where'd I put my nose bone?

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 10-03-18 @ 8:02am
Frankin caveman stein

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 10-02-18 @ 2:45pm
No wonder he super glued me to this target!

: Solace.Bring @ 10-02-18 @ 2:00pm
Hmmm ... maybe I should have practiced. Hmmm ... Maybe I should have taken that job at the pet shop.

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 10-02-18 @ 12:07pm
I am ready to die for your eyes, love, but not by your knives...

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-30-18 @ 9:42pm
No, you may not have our pet octopus for dinner!

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-30-18 @ 12:36pm
OMG, the spelll totally screwed up. I think we added to much leg of octopus.

: Jasmine @ 09-30-18 @ 12:30pm
"Yeah, I should have been clear when I said you can't bring in any more dead squirrels or rats. A box of tuna if u take this out." " feed me now human."

: ♠Hocus Pocos♠ Jeannie @ 09-30-18 @ 11:05am
I'm sorry kitty! I did order goldfish - honest.

: Solace.Bring @ 09-30-18 @ 9:32am
Puzzled, Jane thought she had ordered Sea Monkeys.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-29-18 @ 8:35pm
This is where we keep our high caffeine shots so you residents can stay awake 24/7

: Jasmine @ 09-29-18 @ 12:28pm
It's not contagious, is it doctor? It isn't unless it's injected into the blood stream

: SandraLynn @ 09-28-18 @ 8:44pm
To recap, always hold the syringe's point away from you.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-28-18 @ 1:20pm
We have the cure for the most deadliest disease, the beer belly.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-27-18 @ 9:54pm
Look what the man on the corner gave me. Now can I have a banana?

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-27-18 @ 7:24pm
Can you spare change for a banana? *Banana*

: SandraLynn @ 09-27-18 @ 1:10pm
Curiously, the man in the yellow hat teaches George to panhandle.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-26-18 @ 7:51pm
Just a little higher and I'll reach heaven.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-26-18 @ 6:21pm
I should have worn undies! *Blush*

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 09-26-18 @ 1:19am
I'm swingin' on the top of the world lookin' down on creation... Hope the rope doesn't break...

: ♠Hocus Pocos♠ Jeannie @ 09-25-18 @ 12:29pm
Aren't we defeating the purpose here. Let's go to the other side, Joe, so we can all do the pushing to get the boat ashore.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-25-18 @ 12:11pm
Never let a drunk private park the boat again! Our mission plans are washed up.

: SandraLynn @ 09-25-18 @ 11:40am
Sarge ordered us to commandeer a vessel and bum start it.

: Jasmine @ 09-25-18 @ 10:01am
Why did you switch off the propeller mate? Prop.. well.. what? You mean that fan thingy that I switched off when I was cold and shivering?

: Solace.Bring @ 09-25-18 @ 7:48am
"Doug, come on, man! We're moving the boat further OUT into the water, not onto the beach!"

: Rima~Job Hunting :( @ 09-25-18 @ 1:08am
Heave ho... All hands on deck men... Let's... Get... This... Baby... Into... The... Wa... Water...

: { Wishing for Fall} Seshat @ 09-24-18 @ 2:37pm
Doctor, Doctor, give me the news

: Jasmine @ 09-23-18 @ 11:50am
Dr. Anonymous prescribes face even tone tablets

: Solace.Bring @ 09-23-18 @ 9:18am
Warning: Overuse of this medication may cause disappearance of facial features. Use only as directed.

: Jasmine @ 09-23-18 @ 2:03am
Quite an handful? We hardly get a mouth full.

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-22-18 @ 8:55pm
Children of the Damned

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-22-18 @ 8:23pm
Maybe she'll take one of these decoys to the doctor for shots!

: Solace.Bring @ 09-22-18 @ 3:52am
The Stepford Babies

: Ann~Vampyre Vixen @ 09-21-18 @ 7:56pm
My! What big propellers you have.

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-21-18 @ 7:21pm
I wish I'd brushed my teeth before putting on this mask!

: ♠Hocus Pocos♠ Jeannie @ 09-20-18 @ 1:18pm
Maybe it's magic! A cake made with the eggs?

: Pippi Longstocking Wheeler @ 09-20-18 @ 9:48am
I'll beat this egg if it takes all day!

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