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The Daily Snapshot is on a break while I concentrate on homeschooling my stubborn little minions and work on getting our health in order. See y'all in a month or two!

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: preksha @ 01-30-19 @ 9:50am
The game of chess is a battle of wits. Its good for a giggle but surely the cunning and witty person will win by preparing a trap of tactical moves.

: Rima... @ 01-09-19 @ 12:03am
And here I was waiting for the picture to upload... *FacePalm*

: Matt 2021 Dean @ 01-04-19 @ 10:39pm
Yes, the brain is the secondary ingredient. Add plenty of lemon, human organs are rather sweet.

: Dave @ 01-03-19 @ 7:05pm
KP duty again? This is NOT what I signed up for.

: Bob'n Around @ 01-03-19 @ 3:10pm
"Things have sure been going to pot lately. There have been a lot of half baked plans that were a real recipe for disaster. Get me?" "Oh, yes. You can always smell a lemon, can't you?"

: Jeannie💐 @ 01-03-19 @ 3:04pm
That's right student, get a good dose of lemony goodness, it's going to be a long ride to becoming a chef.

: SandraLynn @ 01-03-19 @ 11:26am
Where in the recipe does it say we have to wear fluffy, white toad stools on our heads?

: Jasmine @ 01-03-19 @ 10:55am
Are you sure this cake recipe calls for Thyme and lemon extract?

: Heleny @ 01-03-19 @ 4:37am
It's a lemon entry Watson. This is as juicy as it gets!

: Joylife @ 01-02-19 @ 3:30pm
"After your demotion and you're still using plastic lemons?"

: Solace.Bring @ 01-02-19 @ 3:26pm
”Staff Sergeant, shall I make pound cake for dessert?” ”No, Airman, make it angel-food cake. The troops are doing parachute jumps tomorrow.”

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 01-02-19 @ 1:15pm
Did you really lose three stripes for adding too much lemon to the general's tea?

: Matt 2021 Dean @ 01-01-19 @ 11:41pm
New Year's Day in Ireland. Drunk pig gets tattoos.

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 01-01-19 @ 4:59pm
Four hooves up for a happy, lucky New Year for all *Shamrock* !!!

: Joylife @ 01-01-19 @ 4:26pm
New Year Celebration: Cloverleaf Hams Went Out of Business

: Dave @ 12-31-18 @ 6:32pm
Sarge says working in the motor pool will make a man out of me.

: Joylife @ 12-31-18 @ 5:58pm
"This job tires me out!"

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-31-18 @ 2:37pm
I hope my helper arrives before I end up in a full split!

: SandraLynn @ 12-31-18 @ 1:05pm
Whew, this wheelin' around is making my arms feel rubbery.

: Jeannie💐 @ 12-31-18 @ 11:45am
Listen Gwin, that polar bear is singing our song, "There's a Moon out Tonight."

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-30-18 @ 3:07pm
I just want to give him a happy New Year hug!

: Joylife @ 12-30-18 @ 2:53pm
"Sorry for the misunderstanding Mr. Tux - I'm it, the Economy Package for the Polar Bear Express."

: SandraLynn @ 12-30-18 @ 2:15pm
Bear with me if you've heard this joke before. What's black and white... ?

: 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 @ 12-30-18 @ 11:06am
"Does this 'Pillsbury Dough Boy' outfit make my burger look big?!?"

: Solace.Bring @ 12-30-18 @ 9:28am
Would you like to SUPER-SIZE this?

: Dark Faery @ 12-30-18 @ 9:24am
My latest creation, the world burger, big as life itself.

: Bob'n Around @ 12-30-18 @ 7:53am
. . . and once again, famed Italian chef Bonazilli had the creepy feeling tonight's larger than life dinner was watching him play with his lunch.

: Jasmine @ 12-30-18 @ 4:59am
Agreed it isn't as big as the poster. But we did mention that the actual product may vary from the illustration.

: Rima... @ 12-29-18 @ 8:06pm
Am I little small for the burger???

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-29-18 @ 7:52pm
I wonder if this burger will be big enough?

: Dave @ 12-29-18 @ 11:38am
Oh, no! The guy on the radio just said I am on the way to the vet for some kind of "procedure."

: Joylife @ 12-29-18 @ 4:26am
"This Police Academy Training is for the birds!"

: SandraLynn @ 12-28-18 @ 10:41pm
Did someone just say doughnut?

: Bob'n Around @ 12-28-18 @ 8:20pm
I jump right on it when a citizen in harm's way has enough manners to yell "Pull ease!"

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-28-18 @ 6:14pm
Shift's over and there's a steak with my name on it!

: Solace.Bring @ 12-28-18 @ 3:21pm

: Jayne @ 12-28-18 @ 2:06pm
Cat burgler? I'm on it.

: Shaye @ 12-28-18 @ 1:44pm
"Don't worry, guys! I'm on it!"

: Dark Faery @ 12-28-18 @ 11:19am
Woman with swords, what a killer idea.

: Dave @ 12-28-18 @ 11:01am
Shotgun Annie has uncanny plan to cure the ills plaguing our planet.

: Joylife @ 12-28-18 @ 6:40am
"Feminism - Scrolling Through the Ages."

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-27-18 @ 4:42pm
Armored storyteller: can entertain the toughest medieval tykes *SwordR*

: Dave @ 12-27-18 @ 1:22pm
Your robotic ways are boooring me. I'm outa here!

: Joylife @ 12-27-18 @ 8:34am
"Umph, technology! I went from a know-it-all to a birdbrain."

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-26-18 @ 7:41pm
If only my family weren't so prejudiced ... we could have had a beautiful life together!

: Dark Faery @ 12-26-18 @ 1:33pm
I could be so much faster if I had wings.

: Jasmine @ 12-21-18 @ 12:25pm
Quickest way of teaching a man to fish is to give him a couple of cats.

: Joylife @ 12-20-18 @ 8:00pm
RULES FOR ICE FISHING: Dress Warm - Wear Proper Clothing * Sign donated by the Smith family in memory of Fred, the frozen angler.

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-20-18 @ 5:15pm
I knew that worm was too good to be true

: SandraLynn @ 12-20-18 @ 5:01pm
This outdoorsman is fishing for a compliment. Don't leave him dangling.

: Bob'n Around @ 12-20-18 @ 7:55am
wOw . . . will you look at that number. I could use a stroke of good luck about right now. Be still my heart.

: SandraLynn @ 12-19-18 @ 3:01pm
Do I need to point out what will happen if you pull my finger?

: Joylife @ 12-19-18 @ 1:30pm
"Nurse, I don't think that's what the doctor meant when he said, 'Do a double-check on the blood pressure' "

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-19-18 @ 12:37pm
Are you sure this is all necessary? I promise to lay off the eggnog!

: 🌓 HuntersMoon @ 12-19-18 @ 11:01am
OK, OK! You will get Christmas bonuses this year.

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-18-18 @ 7:50pm
It's time we storm troopers take control of our own lives. Hand over the command module and no one gets hurt.

: Joylife @ 12-18-18 @ 5:44pm
StormTroopers on Christmas Break.

: Bob'n Around @ 12-17-18 @ 12:21pm
Oops. I forgot to start my timer.

: Joylife @ 12-17-18 @ 9:12am
"High School Senior Sets State Record on His Last Track Meet" When Zac Schummer crossed the finish line the timekeeper tossed the stop watch and shouted, "Wow, I got to time this one!"

: Jasmine @ 12-17-18 @ 4:34am
Are you done with your warm up stretches yet? The others are about to finish the lap.

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-16-18 @ 3:39pm
This would be a lot easier without the pack of grasshoppers you put in my pants to "help" me!

: Jasmine @ 12-16-18 @ 8:37am
Common, cut me, I, the tree spirit dare you.

: Joylife @ 12-16-18 @ 7:07am
Adam, this is GOD - "Come out, there's only one Tree of Life and you blew it."

: Bob'n Around @ 12-15-18 @ 10:26pm
Some Tree Huggers really get attached to that hobby, don't they?

: SandraLynn @ 12-15-18 @ 10:17pm
All I remember is hugging a tree...Is this the root cause of my dilemma?

: Dark Faery @ 12-15-18 @ 10:12pm
Shadow people, warning, can be friendly, can be dangerous.

: Jeannie💐 @ 12-15-18 @ 7:06pm
A ghostly tree. Beware!

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-15-18 @ 11:28am
Help! I'm trapped in a tree and want to be free!

: Jasmine @ 12-14-18 @ 6:38am
It's noon and the spell is wearing off... my sled is gone and I'll be transformed into my original fish form. Could I ask for a better landing!

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-13-18 @ 6:30pm
You can lead a reindeer to water but you can't make him drink.

: 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 @ 12-13-18 @ 4:02pm
*Wave2* "...But this year there are actually kids on the "Nice List" who live in Atlantis! Take a big breath, hold it, and follow me!" *FishB*

: Dark Faery @ 12-13-18 @ 3:26pm
The snow melts so quickly in some areas of the world.

: Joylife @ 12-13-18 @ 2:42pm
YouTube: The Top Ten Crazy Holiday Parties

: Jasmine @ 12-11-18 @ 7:57pm
Mr.Boxman has got his heart in his head.

: SandraLynn @ 12-11-18 @ 3:56pm
The UPS choir and Cardboeard Carton deliver their rendition of ' Pack Up Your Worries'.

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-11-18 @ 2:08pm
We surrender! We'll do whatever you want! Just stop screeching singing!

: Joylife @ 12-11-18 @ 1:36pm
Performing Live: "GhostBoxers"

: Joylife @ 12-10-18 @ 6:52pm
"Santa Cat is coming to town."

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-10-18 @ 4:02pm
Listen to a Christmas jingle played for you by old Cat Kringle *Music2*

: Dark Faery @ 12-10-18 @ 12:16pm
Kitty jingle all the way

: Bob'n Around @ 12-10-18 @ 11:09am
Yes, sir. The Pentagon wants to hire you when you are not busy the other 364 days of the calendar. It takes more than once a year to remind people to be nice instead of naughty.

: Jasmine @ 12-10-18 @ 2:52am
I can't believe you really think something's wrong with me just because I left a gift for that naughty child. For Christ's sake, it's christmas man!

: Rima... @ 12-10-18 @ 12:03am
Before he headed out for his mission 'Round the world in 80 minutes', even Santa needed a checkup...

: Joylife @ 12-09-18 @ 6:09pm
"Yes, Santa that's correct you qualify for NASA health coverage."

: Jeannie💐 @ 12-09-18 @ 5:40pm
"Look at me Santa, are you still with me! Oh, excuse me for pulling your beard, you look so fake."

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-09-18 @ 2:13pm
Santa, you've got to start cutting down on the eggnog.

: 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 @ 12-09-18 @ 1:19pm
"No, Mr. Claus. You still cannot enlist in the Air Force. This 'Jingle Bells' heartbeat I keep hearing is considered quite abnormal! . . . and your weight! Geez, man!"

: Jasmine @ 12-09-18 @ 11:19am
" heard of Pandas?" " Nope. They are called a sloth of Pandas."

: Bob'n Around @ 12-08-18 @ 10:51pm
I KNOW. We are all hunting for 'Where's Waldo!'

: 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 @ 12-08-18 @ 8:19pm
"Just stop this panda-monium, and help us find his contact lens!"

: Dark Faery @ 12-08-18 @ 8:12pm
When in the land of Panda's, do as the Panda's.

: Solace.Bring @ 12-08-18 @ 6:31pm
Sichuan's Black and White Ball

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-08-18 @ 3:47pm
It's panda-monium!

: Joylife @ 12-08-18 @ 3:01pm
POLICE DEPARTMENT: "So you were attacked by a panda bear, take a glance at this photo."

: Solace.Bring @ 12-08-18 @ 1:10am
And Santa wins the gold for his Solo Ice Dance Tribute to the Christmas Tree!

: pwheeler: super busy September @ 12-07-18 @ 5:42pm
If I make it all the way across without dropping the tree, Mrs. Clause has a surprise for me *Heart* *Kiss*

: Jeannie💐 @ 12-07-18 @ 5:21pm
Just a skating along, A little Christmas tree in hand. Where's my eight star bucks?

: Joylife @ 12-07-18 @ 2:18pm
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, I don't think this is what Brenda Lee had in mind."

: SandraLynn @ 12-07-18 @ 12:27pm
Gutting the traditional Thanksgiving sacrifice.

: Joylife @ 12-06-18 @ 10:02pm
"Look Son, pumpkin brains!"

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