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Things to Remember:

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*Brain* Each round starts at 12am WDC time and ends at 11:59 pm.
That gives you 24 hours, minus a minute, to WOW me.

*Brain* Free to play but bribes donations are always welcome.

*Brain* One entry per person per day.

*Brain* Every entry acts as a ticket for a prize drawing!

*Brain* Write your caption directly in the submission box. No bitem required!


The best caption for the day will receive 1000 GPs.

But that's not all!

Every Saturday, every entry will be entered into a drawing and one
merit badge
will be awarded!

*Tulipr* May 5 Winner: bobturn has been awarded the OPTIMISTIC badge!
*Tulipb* May 12 Winner: James Heyward has been awarded the IMAGERY badge!
*Tulipy* May 19 Winner: Jeannie has received an Awardicon on "The Magical Land of Unicorns
*Tulipv* May 26 Winner:

May 20, 2018:

[caption me!]

May 2018 Winners

2018 Merit Badge Winners

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-20-18 @ 12:48pm
At the Marvel Home for Octogenarians, the Flash wieldss his walker.

: Jeannie @ 05-20-18 @ 11:38am
This is how 'this ole guy' uses a walker.

: Jeannie @ 05-19-18 @ 4:28pm
I asked Bossy to join me, and now he hogging the whole pumpkin.

: Solace.Bring @ 05-19-18 @ 4:16pm
“Billy here with my friend Roger, reporting to you from the farm ... reminding you that there are important nutrients in the rind of fruits and vegetables, so eat up!”

: CJ @ 05-19-18 @ 11:20am
“Uh hi. We don’t need a treat. Your jack-o-lantern was treat enough.”

: bobturn @ 05-19-18 @ 11:18am
You old goat. What are you staring at? This ain't your picnic.

: Jeannie @ 05-18-18 @ 10:54am
I feel a headache coming on. I should stop being vain and put on my glasses

: SandraLynn @ 05-18-18 @ 10:15am
What rough thoughts this author wrought. This is a tough slough though I fought to plough through. Enough, I now have a headache!

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-18-18 @ 9:08am
Where can I find a man like Alex Grey?

: Solace.Bring @ 05-18-18 @ 3:04am
Hmm ... is it Laurel or Yanny?

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-17-18 @ 5:12pm
Can I come out of time out now? I promise not to steal any more carrots!

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-17-18 @ 11:37am
No silly bunny. I said think OUTSIDE the box, not get IN the box.

: bobturn @ 05-17-18 @ 10:36am
Boxed in and not a hare too soon

: SandraLynn @ 05-17-18 @ 10:30am
One more bunny-in-a-box ready for shipment.

: James Heyward @ 05-17-18 @ 10:28am
"The suspect has provided a list of demands and says he is not coming out until they are met."

: Quest-Thanks Schnujo @ 05-17-18 @ 9:45am
Oh no, I am the droopy trembly irregular one in this wonky square peg!

: CJ @ 05-17-18 @ 5:23am
I hope that magician doesn’t find me in here. I am getting SO tired of him pulling me out of that hat.

: bobturn @ 05-16-18 @ 3:28pm
I'm yOuR worst ever furball ya' evah faced. Naw. Just the spittin' image a one.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-16-18 @ 3:15pm
Your choice - high five me or get squashed!

: Jeannie @ 05-16-18 @ 11:45am
“Pfft! Miaow! Pfft!” "Your anger makes my tail curl!"

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-16-18 @ 11:20am
And then she said,"I didn't know it was catnip. I thought I was growing hemp."

: CJ @ 05-16-18 @ 10:19am
HI FIVE! That was purrrrrrrfect.

: Solace.Bring @ 05-16-18 @ 2:31am
It’s a catty cataclysmic catastrophe!

: James Heyward @ 05-15-18 @ 10:23pm
"To be honest, I keep the toenail clippings even when they aren't solid gold. Just one of the perks."

: bobturn @ 05-15-18 @ 11:37am
Toeing the mark

: CJ @ 05-15-18 @ 9:06am
Would you like the gold package today? I think I’m going to need a bigger nail file.

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-15-18 @ 8:53am
Do you want the deluxe mani-pedi?

: Solace.Bring @ 05-15-18 @ 12:41am
"Tell what happens at a circus again, Daddy!" "Well, son, they open their mouths really wide like this, and then some guy sticks his head right in there."

: CJ @ 05-14-18 @ 4:39pm
“Say it!” “Ok. Uncle. I give. Stop hurting me.”

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 05-14-18 @ 4:36pm
Oh, no, Junior got me! Ugh, I'm dead now.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-14-18 @ 4:07pm
Wish this jungle came equipped with air conditioning! *Fan*

: LJ hunting space monsters @ 05-13-18 @ 4:16pm
Time just keeps getting away from me!

: James Heyward @ 05-13-18 @ 1:48pm
When there is no one there to chest bump, but you do it anyway.

: CJ @ 05-13-18 @ 12:44pm
Life’s all butterflies and moonbeams. And clocks. Don’t forget the clocks.

: bobturn @ 05-13-18 @ 11:39am
Mother of Invention

: SandraLynn @ 05-13-18 @ 10:35am
Motherhood: the suspension of time and sanity as we know it.

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-13-18 @ 7:41am
gets a licking and keeps on ticking

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 05-13-18 @ 1:29am
Alice Through the Diamond Watch

: bobturn @ 05-13-18 @ 12:14am
Young Social Climber hanging on by the claws

: Jeannie @ 05-12-18 @ 2:55pm
No, I'm not playing peek-a-boo! I'm on the look-out for the dog who keeps chasing me.

: SandraLynn @ 05-12-18 @ 11:41am
Day two and the subject is still unaware of my presence. I continue to watch his every move.

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-12-18 @ 10:28am
Maybe it's me, maybe it's Maybelline.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-12-18 @ 9:57am
As soon as that human turns his back on his catch, I'm running off with a delicious fish!

: CJ @ 05-12-18 @ 5:52am

: Schnujo @ 05-11-18 @ 9:11pm
Introducing the Army's newest weapon. It causes the enemy to get fat and want to take naps.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-11-18 @ 8:57pm
I can only have one... so let's make it a tray!

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-10-18 @ 5:37pm
"Can I have a lollipop?" *Candy1* "Sure, but you'll have to wait for the 2-day shipping."

: James Heyward @ 05-10-18 @ 2:44pm
For the last time, we are NOT nesting dolls!

: CJ @ 05-10-18 @ 8:56am
“Dad, can I be picked up?” “No son, we are from Amazon. We get delivered.”

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-10-18 @ 8:46am
Just a chip off the old box.

: James Heyward @ 05-09-18 @ 6:11pm
I'd like to see you try to pick a wedgie with these flippers!

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-09-18 @ 3:53pm
Ahhhhhchoooooooooooo! Goodness, we moved as far north as possible and the pollen's still attacking.

: Solace.Bring @ 05-09-18 @ 1:06pm
BEFORE and AFTER: "Uncle Lester's Back and Spine Liniment" - call for your bottle today!

: SandraLynn @ 05-09-18 @ 12:13pm
See? See that teeny tiny frozen spot right here? I just know that's the contact you've been stumbling around looking for.

: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 05-09-18 @ 9:51am
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.

: bobturn @ 05-09-18 @ 5:17am
Do we have to play that silly 'My Shadow Is Longer Than Your Shadow' again? Henry? - Well, Mabel. Looks to me like it's the only game in town. Besides. I like winning.

: CJ @ 05-09-18 @ 5:09am
"See Clarence. I told you there was something wrong with that fish. It smelt funny." "For crying out loud Clarice, can I just vomit in peace?"

: Patrece~ MIA 5/14 - 5/20 YAY! @ 05-09-18 @ 1:10am
"It just ain't fair Felix! How come that fish can get under that ice but I can't? I'm starved!" "Keep it up Moe...and you'll be under the ice alright!" And the fish will be eating you!

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 05-09-18 @ 12:58am
Good impersonation of a vulture. Here's my best "penguin".

: Jim Hall @ 05-08-18 @ 9:49pm
WDC Quill Awards Show? I thougt this was the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!

: Sally @ 05-08-18 @ 2:16pm
Every time we go to one of these events you just have to dress inappropriately...

: Warped Sanity @ 05-08-18 @ 1:01pm
Go ahead, have your giggles. I'll chew holes in all the butts of your pretty undies and pee in your shoes tonight.

: Lilli @ 05-08-18 @ 12:04pm
This year's Prom King and Queen from Gen's Obedience School for Dogs.

: textual @ 05-08-18 @ 12:02pm
The Honeymooners it ain't . . .

: Dee @ 05-08-18 @ 11:44am
Does this dress make my butt look big?

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-08-18 @ 10:57am
Those treats you promised had better be worth it!

: CJ @ 05-08-18 @ 8:38am
“This is so humiliating. As soon as you leave the room we are peeing on the rug.”

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-07-18 @ 4:24pm
Welcome to my topiary kingdom! Donations of fertilizer and pure water appreciated.

: Solace.Bring @ 05-06-18 @ 3:40pm
Why ... Michael Myers! I'd know you anywhere!

: Jeannie @ 05-06-18 @ 2:58pm
Pie-in-the-face à la mode

: CJ @ 05-06-18 @ 6:58am
That was the biggest seagull I’ve ever seen.

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 05-06-18 @ 12:35am
This is the last time I'll volunteer as a clown's assistant!

: bobturn @ 05-05-18 @ 5:13pm
Criminently, Mabel. What have you been doing all day? This place looks like a zoo.

: Jeannie @ 05-05-18 @ 4:52pm
Taking pictures again! This is as ferocious as I can act at the moment.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-05-18 @ 11:11am
These darn hairballs harass and embarrass me - so undignified! I am still King of the Jungle!

: Solace.Bring @ 05-05-18 @ 9:21am
Ugh ... wildebeest always disagrees with me.

: CJ @ 05-05-18 @ 5:59am
I'm not lyin’ He was making a face just like this.

: bobturn @ 05-04-18 @ 8:48pm
Does being positive or negative charge you up? May the force be with you.*Duck*

: LJ hunting space monsters @ 05-04-18 @ 8:07pm
Mr. Storm Trooper, you're being charged...with assault and battery.

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-04-18 @ 3:52pm
Prepare the catapult! I found some powerful projectiles!

: CJ @ 05-04-18 @ 5:28am
“Who has all the power now? Muahahahahaha”.

: Samberine Everose @ 05-04-18 @ 4:10am
"Free Energy to save your power, 2 more left!".

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 05-04-18 @ 2:00am
Ugh, I'm sure Darth Vader never left such a mess for us Storm Cleaners to clean up when he was alive! But now, with Kylo Ren in charge . . .

: LJ hunting space monsters @ 05-03-18 @ 11:42pm
"Have we had enough outdoor time NOW, Mom?"

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-03-18 @ 10:46pm
Wish we had some hot chocolate!

: Jeannie @ 05-02-18 @ 1:10pm
*Music1*One little, two little, three little shoes, four little, five lit...*Music1*

: Solace.Bring @ 05-02-18 @ 12:48pm
Note to self: No more swigging from the "Drink Me" bottle

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-02-18 @ 11:04am
If all we have for dinner is shoes, at least they're big ones!

: SandraLynn @ 05-02-18 @ 10:23am
No, silly. A woman never has too many pairs of shoes.

: L.A.Weaver @ 05-02-18 @ 6:47am
"Hmmm, should I go with beauty or comfort today?"

: CJ @ 05-02-18 @ 5:36am
“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. How much do I like my toes.”

: CJ @ 05-01-18 @ 5:07pm
No. You can’t come in. This is a private cheese party. Unless you have Nachos. Yeah my eyes are red, so?

: PWheeler away4family emergency @ 05-01-18 @ 4:18pm
That silly cat thinks I'll be easy to catch but he doesn't know about my secret tunnel back here *Devilish*

: CJ @ 04-30-18 @ 1:30pm
This is SO below my pay grade.

: Solace.Bring @ 04-30-18 @ 1:07pm
"Hello; I'm Mr. Dynfarch. I'll be your substitute teacher today."

: CJ @ 04-29-18 @ 8:29am
"Hey Andy. I bet if I hold this bamboo up and pretend to play the flute people will make a meme out of it. Let's see."

: Solace.Bring @ 04-29-18 @ 1:42am
And here's my impression of James Galway playing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" !

: Abby Gayle ~ Therma @ 04-29-18 @ 12:33am
*Music1*And everybody was flu-ute playing!*Music2*

: BlueMoon @ 04-28-18 @ 7:05pm
Stand up and take control of your life!

: Jeannie @ 04-28-18 @ 12:46pm
People of different colors unite!

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