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Rude and inconsiderate fashionista goes grocery shopping
She was dressed to the nines and it was barely 10:00 am. A Burberry scarf was draped loosely over what appeared to be a cashmere Armani blazer. Her distinctly Prada leather boots reached just below her knee, which was left exposed by her skirt, the designer of which I was unable to discern.

We were in Shop-Rite, a chain New York metro grocery store . I stood in line behind her at one of the cashier stations, dressed to the minus nines wearing Mom jeans, a no-name hoody and Chuck Taylor athletic shoes. “Well, the red Chuck Taylor’s surely were a nod to fashion,” I thought to myself.

Indeed, this fashion forward shopper looked like she had just been at a shoot for Vogue magazine. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but I did wonder why she was at Shop-Rite instead of at maybe Stew Leonard’s or Trader Joe’s, high end supermarkets..

Even her reusable bags – into which she was meticulously and slowly placing her purchases – were impressive for paper and cloth reusable bags: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s.

When the cashier finished checking her out, he reached across the conveyor – two Panera soup containers in tow – in an effort to help her by placing the items in one of her bags. She swiftly grabbed his hand with one of hers and swatted his hand with her other hand, her David Yurman bangles tinkling expensively.

I sucked in a heavy gasp-like breath in disbelief of what I had just witnessed. “I TOLD you I would fill my own bags. Do NOT touch my items OR my bags,” she ordered haughtily. She leaned over the conveyor belt in order to be nose to nose with the cashier. “Did I make myself clear?” she asked.

The young cashier – Jaxon, according to his name tag – retreated and stood at attention, dumbfounded. The situation in which he found himself was likely contrary to what he learned in training. Move the line along so there is no unnecessary waiting for other customers... like me and others who had moved in behind me. The line had become lengthy.

In the meantime, I had put my purchases on the conveyer belt ready to be rung up. However, the fashionista had at least ten already cashed out items on the belt needing to be bagged.

I felt some anger building up inside of me. “That is just not right; getting in someone’s personal space like that and using such an abusive tone,” I thought, not to mention the wrist slap. While deep in my thoughts, Jaxon took appropriate action. He cashed out the diva and put the register receipt on top of the remainder of her purchases.

Annoyed, she pulled out a Kate Spade wallet from her purse and selected one of any number of credit cards to pay, after which she proceeded to place each grocery item once again meticulously in one of four bags.

Needing to move the line along, Jaxon began to scan my groceries, continuing until there was no space left between my items and those of the fashion queen.

“I should not be rushed like this!” she exclaimed.

“Like what?” I exclaimed back. “Like maybe you should be more considerate of others?” Someone clapped behind me. Jaxon forcibly withheld a smirk.

In an obvious huff, she packed up the rest of her groceries and moved her cart out of the aisle. She glared at me. I glared back. As she walked towards the exit, she stepped toward Jaxon. I held my breath. “And you! You better lose your attitude, or you will never get anywhere in this world.” With her index finger waving about two inches from Jaxon’s face, she gave a parting shot. “I should not have to be rushed,” she bellowed.

Wait! What? An attitude? It was the finger wagging that did it though. I had already felt my face heating up and figured at this point my cheeks must be red. “He was just doing his job,” I yelled to the back of her blazer.

“Awww, it’s alright,” Jaxon said to me. “I’m cool.”

I took a deep breath. “I apologize for her, Jaxon. Apparently she’s all show and no glow.” “Hah,” he replied. “That’s a good one. All show and no glow. Gotta remember that one.”

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