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Welcoming new members to the community!
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Welcoming the new Authors of Writing.Com!

Remember that excited, warm feeling that came over you when you received your very first review on your very first item? The goal of this committee is to make sure ALL of our new Authors experience this feeling... as soon as they post their first item!

Many new members join Writing.Com each hour of the day, but only 10% of those members post an item on their first day. Basically, our goal as a committee is to welcome that new author with an almost immediate review of their first item(s)! We want that new Author to feel welcome here and understand what this community can provide, while at the same time engaging them in activity!

noticing newbies - technically speaking

How does it work? Each committee member has either chosen a favored three-hour time slot during the day or agreed to be a "floater", active whenever he/she logs in. During this time, our committee members watch for and review new items that are posted by new authors. By spreading the committee members throughout the day, we're almost guaranteeing that no new Author will be overlooked!

noticing newbies - you can do your part

Even though this committee is for Mods and Staff only,
we encourage all members to introduce themselves to and review new members!

Read a Newbie:

Visit the forum:
Noticing Newbies  [13+]
A warm welcome to our newbies; come meet new and not-so-new members of Writing.Com!
by The StoryMistress

noticing newbies - committee newsletter

To further promote and help out our new members, the committee also has a corresponding newsletter. The noticing newbies newsletter will be sent out sitewide along with the rest of the official Writing.Com newsletters. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, head to your Member Tools pulldown and visit the "Newsletters" area.

Make a new member's day by saying hello and introducing yourself!

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