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Rewarding reviewers within the community!
Reviewing is an extremely important part of the Writing.Com community. Honest, encouraging and respectful reviews assist our authors in improving their talents. Our public reviewing system promotes reviewing awareness within the Writing.Com community and enables all members to reward reviewers who send great feedback.

The goal of the Rewarding Reviewers Committee is to actively review public feedback and reward deserving reviewers. General rewarding guidelines are provided to committee members, but the decisions on who to reward and how much are up to their own opinions.

Committee involvement with crediting our reviewers helps to ensure that no public review goes unseen. The committee has plenty of Gift Points to give out for great public reviews and we encourage all members to publicly review Writing.Com authors. Doing so helps your fellow writers, improves your own writing skills and could earn you bundles of Gift Points!

Writing.Com committee positions are reserved for Moderators and above. But don't forget: anyone can reward great reviews from the Reviewing page! The Reviewing page can be accessed from the top of any page or directly at:

Reward Gift Points given by members of this committee are paid for by Writing.Com. This group does not accept Gift Point donations. We encourage those individuals interested in donating Gift Points to instead help other groups that are not directly supported by Writing.Com.

For more information on providing great reviews, please see:
 Guidelines To Great Reviewing  [E]
Writing a detailed review takes time. Follow these guidelines for best results!
by The StoryMaster

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