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Meant a lot to me ! Made my day, a gray Monday
So, I arrived home from psychotherapy. Had a rough weekend, in the morning didn't feel like going for lessons in college for that matter.
I had mail! Like an actual postcard with a USA International stamp on it!
Last time I had mail from abroad it was a handmade Halloween card from my pen pal from Philadelphia. Other mail which I've got from America have been a ghost investigation set with a lot of signatures from Chad Lindberg. That was sometime after Christmas last year.
I have ordered stuff from Amazon and have used audible.com since 2013 but, the shipping just always kills me and the import fees.
You American dudes just have so much nice things *Heart*
you are amazing *Heart*

I was going to update about my nanowrimo this year... well I wrote 365 words the night before November started.
I just wish writing a book was as easy as writing my blog kitujainen.com because after Google translate the front page already had ten thousand words almost...
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