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A Disease is spreading throughout the pokèmon world...and creating Pokèmorphs!
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Chapter 3: Psyduck-girl  
    by: Very-Strange?   More by this author
When Misty fell into the water, she had forgotten how to swim! She panicked and made her way to the surface splashing and panicking. Luckily Starmie was able to carry her to the surface and the trainer pulled her out of the pool. "Don't worry I'll call Nurse Joy and see if see knows what's wrong with you!" said the trainer as he rushed to the Pokemon Center. Misty was still tired and had an annoying headache that made it difficult for her to think.

Then Misty saw her reflection in the water. She had yellow feathers all over her, her fingers and toes became webbed, and in the middle of her red hair were three black hairs similar to Psyduck's. "No! NO!!! This can't be happening. I look almost like a Psyduck!" thought Misty. Misty tired to get up but tripped. "Boy it's tough to be a Psyduck. I can't believe my Psyduck has to put up with this everyday." thought Misty as she tried again but this time she was more successful, but it was hard to keep her balance with her new headache. Misty decided to relax until help arrived since her headache made it difficult to do practically anything.

Then about a half hour later, a group of people entered the gym! It was...

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