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A Disease is spreading throughout the pokèmon world...and creating Pokèmorphs!
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Chapter 3: A Pachirisu girl  
    by: Woogie, Destroyer of Worlds   More by this author
Clutching her stomach, Dawn collapsed to her knees in agony. Many other people were in the same boat. That was when it happened. Her spine felt like it was ablaze, as a nub worked its way from her buttocks. Falling to her hands and knees, she winced as a loud rip filled the air, along with cracking bones. The audience was in a total panic, many in pain as well, and a riot seemed imminent. Her chest swelled as well, and ripped up her contest dress even further as her bust tripled in size. Dawn looked back to see the commotion and nearly fainted; it was a Pachirisu's tail, but instead of blue, it was white and pink. People in the crowd also had various pokemon features, and were in varying degrees of transformation. "What's..." Dawn muttered, woozy, when her pokemon came out all on their own. As Dawn began to lose consciousness, she heard voices...

"What's this?"

"Don't be rude!! Now is not the time!! Stop playing with the poor girl's tail, Buneary!!"

"I always knew I was her favorite."

"Is she dead, because if she is, I'm going to eat her."


Much later, Dawn woke up backstage on a couch, dressed in her normal attire. "Was that a..." In the mirror in front of her, she saw it was no nightmare. She had massive E-cup breasts, and sitting behind her, poking through a crudely made hole in her skirt was the tail she saw herself grow on the stage. Dawn belted out a horrific scream that alerted everyone she was awake. In ran Ash, the pokemon, and then Brock, if Brock had been born a girl, with flowing long black hair and C-cup breasts, then a Nurse Joy, but from her hips down she looked like some kind of Rapidash centaur, and finally Zoey, whose visage was most shocking, as she looked like she was mostly covered from her neck down with brown and white fur, and resembled a mix of human and Buizel features, including the tail, but her head was still all human, but she also shocked Dawn with her six massive F-cup breasts. This elicited more screams from Dawn, before Ash grabbed Dawn and said, "Calm down and let us explain what happened..."

Over the course of the next few hours, Ash explained that an never before heard of criminal Team had developed a biological weapon and had used it on the Sinnoh region to express their philosophy of "bringing man and pokemon closer together." Everyone that was currently in the region has been infected, and the biological cloud will spread to Hoenn before it goes inert. Dawn asked, "Then why didn't you change, or why did I only grow a tail, while Nurse Joy became a centaur, or Zoey became so much more pokemon...?"

Ash said, "We're not certain yet, but certain people have shown greater resistances to the virus than others. Zoey isn't the worst case. Some people have fully become pokemon, and some have alterations to their gender, like Brock.. Regardless, everyone can now understand pokemon, and those transformed can use pokemon attacks..."

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