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Rated: 13+ · Interactive Story · Action/Adventure · #1791729
Whoever Had Amazing Thought Is Fantastic (Make your own KND Mission) 2,140+Views
This is an interactive story containing 12 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Click a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Please insert genetic material (booger) into the computer module to verify identification!


Greetings Kids Next Door Operative.

Please make sure that anyone thirteen and older is out of the room.

Vicinity Clear.

Operative, here are the basics of your mission:

1. Make sure that world is safe from Adult Tyranny.

2. Help any kid who is in need.

3. Make sure that Adults do not discover location of Secret Moon-base Headquarters.

4. Eat only the recommended foods. This includes candy, cake, soda, ice cream, and other sugary foods. Do not eat the unrecomended foods, which include onions, liver, asparagus, and a few other things.

5. Remember, not every Adult is evil. In fact, some make useful, if unknowing and dimwitted, allies, as they are able to transport Operatives to mission destinations. Most Adults think that the KND is just a club of some sort, if they know anything of it. However, there are those who know otherwise. Examples of Evil Adults include Father, Mr. Boss, Crazy Old Cat Lady, Knightbrace, Count Spankulot, Fizz, and Ice Cream Men.

Here are some more rules:

1. I expect you to write your reports with the best spelling and grammar you can do. I know very well that most of you can write better than Numbuh 4 can. HE has the WORST spelling I have EVER seen, and I have run this place for (Goes off on a tangent about how Numbuh 4’s reports are the worst ever in the whole history of bad reports.)

2. Try to use an acronym that sort of sums up the Operation.
Example: W.H.A.T.I.F.
(Of course, if an acronym can’t be thought up, use a mission title that tells what’s going on.)

3. Thanks to our safety devices, about the most damage you should receive from enemies are really big booboos, though full-body casts are not unheard of. Other injuries may occur of course, including getting Chickenpox, turned into the opposite gender, turned into animals, agified, zombified, being put under the curse that your teacher was placed under, getting spanked by Count Spankulot, and a few other things.

4. Be on the lookout for KND operatives who are 13 or older who have not been Decommissioned, and had their memory erased. These Teenagers are a serious threat to kids everywhere, as they know our secrets. Capture is a must.

Now, here are some of the Operatives you could encounter on your missions:

Sector V

Numbuh 1: Aka, Nigel Uno. Leader of Sector V. Bald-headed, due to something that the Delightful Children From Down The Lane did to him, along with a bad haircut from his father. Is British-American. Can be paranoid at times, and has a habit of disregarding orders from his superiors, especially Numbuh 86’s. Always tries to make sure his team is safe, and will do whatever it takes to help out other kids, even at the cost of having a personal life. His girlfriend, Lizzie Devine, often wishes that he’d spend some time with her, instead of on KND duties. An only child, his father was once Numbuh 0, the first KND operative and creator of the organization (he has since long been decommissioned, though he was on two occasions briefly recommissioned). It was also recently discovered that Father is his uncle, and the Delightful Children From Down The Lane are his adoptive cousins (who were once KND operatives who were zapped by a delightfulizing device.)

Numbuh 2: Aka, Hoagie P Gilligan. Team inventor and pilot. Chubby and has a habit of cracking puns, much to the annoyance of some of his teammates. Is interested in food much of the time, and is capable of taking Gramma Stuffum’s food, which is highly unusual and disgusting, head on. Is very intelligent. Has something of a crush on Cree, Number 5’s older, and evil, sister. Has a younger brother named Tommy, (Who was once an Operative, Numbuh T, but quit in order to save the whole KND from one of Father’s attacks, and is now known as “The Tommy.”)

Numbuh 3: Aka, Kuki Sanban. Japanese. Is very girly-girly. Has a large collection of Rainbow Monkeys, and is very knowledgeable of them. Is very friendly, but she can be very scary when she is angry (Turns into something like an oni (demon) and everyone runs away.) Has a younger sister who is cuter than her, but very cruel (She once transferred Count Spankulot’s powers into a Rainbow Monkey to get revenge on Numbuh 2 for getting her grounded for life.) Has something of a crush on Numbuh 4.

Numbuh 4: Aka, Wallabee Beatles. Australian. Not the smartest tool in the shed. Has the WORST spelling and handwriting ever. Does poorly in every subject, except anything related to sports and fighting. Can be something of a bully at times, trying to force the others to do things his way when Numbuh 1 is not around. Has trouble swimming, to say the least (he can’t swim and is afraid of the pool, though he did get over this fear to save his friends from their evil versions from an alternative universe.) He does not like anything girly-girly, though he does have a crush on Numbuh 3, but he has trouble explaining it. He also happens to be unlucky at times, such as when he snuck into the theater to see an R-movie, only to find out that it was a meeting for evil Adults.

Numbuh 5: Aka, Abigail Lincoln. Intelligent and laidback tomboy. Is of African American and French descent (Her mother only speaks in French, whenever she shows up. Her father sounds similar to Bill Cosby.) Is the Second-in-Command of Sector V. Tends to talk in the third person, saying things like, “Numbuh 5 says we should just walk on in and ask for some ice cream.” Is able to keep her head even in stressful situations, for the most part. Has an older evil sister named Cree, who was once a KND operative, whom Numbuh 5 looked up to. Was once put under a curse to become a were-poodle, and eat other kids’ homework, but thanks to Numbuh 4 (and his bad homework) she was able to free herself of it. She is also something of a Candy Hunter, and will go on grand adventures to acquire it.

Now, you’d best get going.

Oh, one more thing:


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