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Imagine a town where humans and giant monsters lived in peace. Bronies are welcome.
This is an interactive story containing 127 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!
The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:
NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. This stroy used to be Fantasy Ryzanyes, a story my friend UltraGTS sent me, without asking whether or not I wanted it first I might add. After Ultra got himself banned due to sending an insulting e-mail to StoryMaster with predictable results, he asked me to try and revive his Ryzanyes collection through this interactive. However due to the questionable subject matter and his own rotten attitude towards my other friends, my attempts to save Ryzanyes were in vain. Given that my relationship with Ultra has been nothing but antagonistic and one-sided for 2 years with him taking advantage of me at every turn, we kept having arguments that resulted in Ultra threatening to quit the site permanently unless I destroyed his interactive and recreated it.

Believe me, I didn’t want to do it but I agreed to and it’s too late to make a liar out of myself. Don’t judge me please. I was only doing what he asked me to and I tried being his friend but his abusive attitude has left a bad taste in my mouth I want to wash away forever. Just to make it clear; I DESTROYED RYZANYES BECAUSE ITS CREATOR TOLD ME TO DO IT, NOT ENTIRELY BY MY CHOICE. Now here is the new story that shall act as a replacement for the interactive that couldn't be saved.

Note: When Redhurricane originally created this story along with Monster Arms, Monster Shores, Monster Gaol, Monster Tower, Monster Bedlam, Monster Slopes, Monster Boondocks, Monster Hollow and Neo Neapolitan, he did not in any way intend for them to be erotica or pornography. He just wanted to express a wilder part of his imagination and allowed people to take it too far at times. This story is meant to be for adults, but nothing hard core. Redhurricane will be permanently leaving the site in a few months to pursue his dream of writing stories for a more family friendly audience.

Monster Cove

You are Rick Rowling, a human living in Scream Town. In this town, humans live in harmony among monsters hundreds of feet tall. In contrast to Horrorville, Terrordale, Fearfield, Panicburg and Dreadberry, Scream Town is for the most part safe without any worry of predatory monsters. You have lived here for only three weeks and haven’t fully explored the town but you’ve already gotten to know several of the townsfolk.


Name: Phyllis Gacks
Species: Lovecraftian
Height: 888ft
Appearance: A bright orange skinned and top heavy musclebound monster resembling Cthulu with tentacles for hair, a mouth filled with hundreds of needle like teeth that opens vertically and horizontally, webbed hands and feet, glowing red eyes and tentacle like wings. Mainly wears a red tunic and appears to have strange gold cylinders jutting out of her arms for some reason.
Description: Phyllis Gacks is the mayor of Scream Town and your next door neighbor. Well next door in the sense that your house is in a tree in her yard. Phyllis is the one responsible for the truce between humans and monsters in the town and is well liked by both sides of the species coin. She has psychic abilities that allow her to communicate with everyone in the city at any time but rarely uses that power.

Name: Hera Hind
Species: Ceryneian Hind
Height: 925ft
Appearance: A large deer who with a monstrously obese belly but extremely beefy arms and legs. She has glowing golden antlers with the colors of the rainbow at the tips and long golden hair. She wears a black t-shirt and a pair of tight shorts.
Description: Hera is a monster who acts as a taxi service for the humans in Scream Town and is paid by Phyllis to escort humans safely along the four corners. Despite her fat stomach, Hera is capable of moving faster than light. She lets humans decide exactly where on her body they’d prefer to ride.

Name: Alala Alexandra Tatapolus
Species: Centaur
Height: 645 Ft.
Apperance: Her human half is Greek with brown eyes, brown hair cut short and spikey, slim arms, C-cup breasts, and a huge fat belly. Her horse half is that of a Clydsdale. She wears a black bikini top.
Personality: An OC of the 12th Doctor. Alala hates standing still. She is always moving or exercising or doing something. This has caused her to lose weight, having previously been obese, but she can never slim down her giant belly for some reason. Her love of energy and excitement often causes her to act before she thinks. She is quick to make friends, and would love to be your friend.

Name: Holly Telburn
Species: Succubus
Height: 945 ft.
Appearance: Holly is an ivory skinned succubus with red cat eyes and naturally black lips. Her hair is naturally brown, but she dyes it half dark purple, half electric blue. She has a slim waist and decent breasts (she does not have Lactose Overload Syndrome), but wide hips and a very large butt. Her outfits vary, but are always gothic. She has a spade tail, but no wings.
Description: An OC of the 12th Doctor. Holly is a typical Goth, always hanging out in dark places, writing dark poetry, and reading dark fiction. She can be usually be found in Goth bars, looking for dates. She is bisexual, but has a preference to fat Goth chicks. She is a divorced mother with full custody of her three kids and works as a night guard for a nearby warehouse, which actually pays well. All Holly's children are adults that still live with her, though Amber pays rent. They are as follows:
Connor: 19. Holly's youngest child, Connor is her only son and only human child. Recent high school graduate, works as a copy boy. A nerd who loves video games.
Michelle: 22. The middle child. A red skinned succubus with her mothers body shape. Still in college and part of it's cheerleading squad. Cheerful and energetic, if rather dim.
Amber: 25. The oldest child. A lavender succubus with Lactose Overload Syndrome. Works as an architect. Loves her family, but is distant most of the time.

Springtime Street- Springtime Street is the section of Scream Town that is perpetually in spring and abundant with all sorts of strange flowers that can reach up to 50 feet in height.

Name: Estelle de Quimper
Species: Lou Carcolh
Height: 975ft
Appearance: An enormous violet skinned snail with arms and legs and the head of a dragon. Pear shaped body wise with thick thighs and chubby arms. Estelle has palish purple-blue slimey hair and a spiked shell on her back. Because of the shell, she doesn’t wear clothing but being a slime based monster, she has nothing inappropriate showing.
Description: Estelle is the main mail carrier in Scream Town. Despite being a snail based monster, she prides herself on being the fastest courier in town and finds that stereotype to be highly offensive. You try to keep your distance from Estelle because she is oblivious to the human denizens of Screamtown. One time she accidentally sat on you and you were stuck to her slimy, sticky body for half a day.

Name: Latanya Bull
Species: Minotaur
Height: 1110ft
Appearance: A gigantic obese minotaur woman with a hunched over back, green fur and brown hair that is prematurely graying. She wears a purple jacket with a black shirt but is naked from the waist down due to her massive udder the size of a mountain.
Description: Latanya is the best gardener in the spring side of the island and outside her home is a large garden containing exotic manners of monster flowers, fruit and vegetables. She has a mellow attitude regarding humans but you heard that she’s been lonely since she broke up with her boyfriend and she tends to stare at you whenever you visit her. You met Latanya when you were half-asleep on one of her apples, she didn’t see you and accidentally swallowed you. Thankfully she has four stomachs and the first one didn’t contain any acid.

Name: Desdemona Weisman
Species: Gargoyle
Height: 1225ft
Appearance: A gargantuan muscular gargoyle with pink skin, long white hair and the wings of a pterodactyl. She is easily recognizable by her large beak and the goat like horns on the sides of her forehaed. Mainly wears a black loincloth and bra with a medical labcoat.
Description: Desdemona is the town doctor and fortunately humans are her specialty. Despite her intimidating appearance she’s one of the friendlier monsters in the city, though she has a tendency to laugh at the most inappropriate times. There’s a rumor that Desdemona used to live in Panicburg which explains why nothing seems to phase her.

Name: Maddie Thurman
Species: Gorgon
Height: 915ft
Length: 1000ft
Appearance: A giant and chubby gorgon girl with purplish skin and lavender colored rattlesnakes for hair with the rattles at the sides of her face. Unlike most gorgons, Maddie has an oversized rattlesnake’s tail where her legs should be, making her look like a naga.
Description: Maddie is a gorgon who runs a bakery in town. She recently hired you and told you that you could start work in the week whenever you’re ready. Maddie’s usually a real chill woman even if she could kill with her eyes. However, she tends to be absent-minded and takes things a little literal. Fortunately she’s not scatterbrained enough to remove her sunglasses.

Name: Cassidy Voltaire
Species: Harpy
Height: 925ft
Appearance: A huge muscular harpy resembling a vulture with pewter feathers. She has wings for arms with feathered fingers and a humanoid face with pointed ears and grayish brown hair. Usually wears nothing but a pair of leg warmers with a band around her head.
Description: Cassidy is a bulky harpy who runs the local gym. She’s rough around the edges and she can be hard on her human clients but she’d never intentionally harm anyone. Cassidy is a single mother with a daughter at home because her human husband was killed by Antoinette.

Name: Cartoon Bunny
Species: Wererabbit
Height: 300ft
Appearance: A stereotypical cartoon looking rabbit much like Disney or Looney tunes.
Descritpion: An addition by StormShadow. Bunny is a new arrival with her children Cartoon Girl, a 150ft bunny girl in a princess suit, Tuffy, a 125ft girl in a Godzilla suit and Brainy, a 125ft girl into science. The Bunny family are a family of monsters that go to the human world and entertain humans from time to time and play with human children.

Name: Yang Beifong
Species: Asian Dragon
Height: 6'4-1,500 ft. (she can change size at will)
Appearance: Yang usually takes the form of a beautiful supermodel woman/dragon hybrid. Sapphire blue scales cover her skin and her long silver hair stops at her lower back. Her eyes are the color of rubies. Yang has claw like nails and sharp fanged teeth. She almost always wears a blue China dress and goes bare foot.
Description: An addition by J.M. Darkly Yang moved to Scream Town for one purpose and one purpose only, to duel Gabriella Gallops. Yang considers herself one of the world's great magic users and she thinks the only way to prove that is to beat Gabriella in a wizard's duel, though the unicorn giantess has thus far refused. Still she became a quick friend of yours after you showed interest in her magic and species' history. Yang is still young for a Dragon and as such is very vain, prideful, and arrogant. She uses her shape shifting powers to stoop aging and retain her beauty. Despite her often rude and arrogant behavior, Yang is very smart and knows almost as much about magic as Gabriella, though if you say that to Yang it'll get you a face full of flame. She also has a heart of gold and makes for one of the most loyal friends you could ask for. She loves humans, though that may be because humans in Asia once worshiped her kind as river gods. It is unclear at time if she wants to be your friend or your master.

Summer Side- Summer Side is the hottest section of Scream Town and is permanently locked in summer.

Name: Josephine Biggs
Species: Grootslang
Height: 1200ft
Appearance: An enormous blue skinned reptilian monster resembling an African elephant with large tusks and a snake for a trunk acting as a second mouth. Josephine has long red hair reaching down to her mountainous rear, the biggest one you’ve ever seen. Josephine mainly wears a white bikini that is way too tight on her heavy body.
Description: Josephine is a surfer girl who comes to the beach every day to catch the monstrously large tsunamis that strike the beach everyday. Josephine is a real friendly girl who has a crush on you and you find her attractive as well. She likes to tease you by hovering her enormous rear over you. Usually she lets you ride her when she’s surfing.

Name: Manami Urameshi
Species: Hellhound
Height: 785ft
Appearance:A giant hourglass shaped dog girl with bright red skin and purple-red hair with a skull like face and a devil's tail and spikes running down her back. Mainly wears a sailor moon style uniform.
Description: Manami is a bubbly and hyper teenage giantess whose appearance contrasts with her personality. She lives with her mother, her younger siblings and her human stepfather. Manami is good friends with you because you’ve seen her when she was on her way to school. However, people assume the worst of her just because she’s a hellhound.

Name: Kandi Zotz
Species: Werebat
Height: 1150ft
Appearance: A giant navy furred elderly and pear shaped vampire bat woman with a purple underbelly and long gray hair worn in a ponytail. Has large green wings attached to her arms with sharp claws and monstrous thighs almost as big as Josephine’s. For clothing she wears a dark brownish orange dress with a hood.
Description: Kandi is an elderly 600-year old werebat who lives in a grotto and spends her days flying over the beach to scan for young human men that she abducts and brings back home to satisfying her monstrously high libido. It’s a wonder she hasn’t been arrested for it but she never intends any harm, though she tends to be rather kinky with the human men she grabs. Kandi has had her eye on you and you’re narrowly avoided being snatched up by her multiple times.

Name: Alexandria “Alex” Luxor
Species: Sphinx
Height: 850ft (On all fours) Full Height Unknown
Appearance: An obese scarlet sphinx with neck length strawberry blonde hair and enormous white wings bigger than her entire body. Alexandria wears a white shirt and blue jeans and has multiple facial piercings given her punk style. Being a sphinx, she prefers to walk on all fours and rarely stands up.
Description: Alexandria is a snarky sphinx who likes to play all sorts of pranks on unsuspecting humans and monsters. You’ve been on the receiving end of some of her tricks but for the most part they’re mostly harmless. However, Alex especially likes playing jokes on humans. But she has a vicious streak when she gets mad. It’s rumored before she came to Screamtown that she ate her human boyfriend for cheating on her. Alex is also the niece of Lexi of Monster Tower.

Name: Joanne Xever
Species: Mermaid
Height: 1480ft
Appearance: An enormous mermaid with the upper body of a chubby Hawaiian girl with a giant starfish at the side of her head and blonde hair, but the lower body of a yellow-green colored whale shark with white spots. In order to move around on dry land, Joan wears a special harness with a pair of mechanical legs.
Description: Joanne is a mermaid blacksmith who specializes in making crafts from seashells and debris that washes up under water. Unlike the other mermaids, Joanne was fascinated with life on dry land and decided to move into shore, though she does travel under the water often to retrieve materials for her crafts. Joanne is surprisingly good friends with Angel despite their species because Angel built her a method of surviving on dry land.

Name: Brigid "Mad Wolf" Wing
Species: Chimera
Height: 350ft
Appearance: A giant monster resembling a hybrid of a fox and dragon. She has ruby red scales covered in a loose t-shirt with a deep carmine furred underbelly and gym shorts where her two tails poke out. She has folded wings and a dragon like head with fox ears. Also wears MMA wraps
Description: Brigid Wing is an addition by UltimateNeo and a famous MMA fighter. She's also known by her alias Mad Wolf.

Name: Reba Nixon
Species: Phoenix
Height: 900ft
Appearance: A tall voluptuous phoenix with golden orange feathers with a sapphire color at the tips of her wings. Her body figure changes whenever she is resurrected.
Description: Reba is an addition by Infinitebull and a new neighbor in Screamtown. She came to town because she liked the idea of humans and monsters living together. While she doesn't look it, she is older than anyone else in town and is reborn into a different body shape whenever she dies.

Autumn Avenue- Autumn Avenue is a section of the town constantly in fall. The trees are always colored as they would appear in fall and are always dropping their leaves. Most monsters here are somber and dark. This avenue is mainly home to nocturnal creatures.

Name: Noreen “Shego” Steranko
Species: Wererhino
Height: 950ft
Appearance: A titanic and obese dark gray skinned rhino woman with long black hair and lipstick. Mainly wears a gothic attire with tight fishnet stockings and a short skirt.
Description: Noreen is a goth girl that is often seen around Autumn Avenue. However she rarely speaks with anyone and it’s unknown if she even lives in town. She mainly hangs around the library on the Autumn side of town. Noreen bears a resemblance to Shego so much that most of her friends address her as such. She actually prefers it to her real name. She is the younger sister of Whitney of Monster Bedlam.

Name: Angel Bauza
Species: Weretiger
Height: 1050ft
Appearance: A titanic apple-shaped tigress with gold colored fur and brownish stripes. She has long cinnamon colored hair and is usually seen wearing a pair of goggles on her head along with a pair of skin tight jean shorts exposing her crack and a tight reddish-orange A-shirt that is coming apart due to her large breasts.
Description: Angel is a mechanic by trade who is always working on her motorcycle. She’s also somewhat of a steampunk genius and is the one who built the Scream Town clocktower. Angel is the most tomboyish and aggressive of your friends and has a tendency to stick you in some rather unpleasant places when she’s mad or otherwise annoyed. While she isn’t a bad person, this tigress has a volatile temper and prefers to be left alone when she’s in a particularly nasty mood.

Name: Eileen Dinkley
Species: Argus
Height: 1275ft
Appearance: A giant yellow skinned monster girl with one thousand eyes all over her body and orange hair worn in a bobcut. Incredibly muscular with a physique that would put the Hulk to shame. Is normally seen wearing a pair of crimson sunglasses along with a black police uniform.
Description: Eileen is the chief of police in Screamtown and as such she always looks stoic and you’ve never seen her smile since you met her. She rarely even speaks and you’re somewhat afraid of her. You heard that she was made the chief after she chased off a particularly evil monster that used to live in town.

Name: Mabel Diesel
Species: Mandrake
Height: 1355ft
Appearance: A giant muscular vermillion skinned living tree in a humanoid shape much like an ent. Mabel has red orange and yellow leaves for hair and two large fangs sticking out the side of her mouth with tentacle like branches coming out of her back.
Description: Mabel is a mandrake who lives in the forest section of the autumn side of Screamtown. You have yet to formally meet Mabel because she spends most of the day asleep. Most of the time it’s hard to distinguish between her and the ordinary trees in the woods.

Name: Freya Bull
Species: Mock Turtle
Height: 1100ft
Appearance: A heavyset magenta skinned creature resembling a female minotaur but with the shell of a tortoise covered in spikes. Freya has pink hair and prefers to go around naked due to her shell.
Description: Freya is Latanya’s younger twin sister (their father was a kappa). The two sisters don’t exactly get along and are constantly trying to outdo each other. Freya is a gardener just like Latanya but specializes more in vegetables. Like her sister Freya is overly fond of human men like you. For some reason Freya’s udder produces strawberry milk instead of normal milk.

Name: Ororo Parker
Species: Wereboar
Height: 950ft
Appearance: A giant and obese cobalt skinned monster resembling a humanoid warthog with four tusks, long white hair and sharp teeth. Ororo usually wears a black A-shirt and white spandex pants that are coming apart at the hips.
Description: Ororo is the librarian of Screamtown and runs the library with the help of her human husband and son. Normally Ororo is calm and quiet but she is prone to mood swings, especially when she catches people breaking the rules in her library. Speaks in a slight African accent.

Name: Sylvie Windsor
Species: Sylph
Height: 600ft
Appearance: A light skinned air elemental with long flowing blond hair that reaches her waist. She has a slim figure with slightly big breasts.
Description: An addition by Infinitebull. Sylvie is yet another new arrival and a monster with the power to manipulate the wind. She has a playful attitude but not to the mean-spirited level of Alex. She can move as fast as the wind, turn invisible and use the wind to look around town.

Name: Misty Storm
Species: Enenra
Height: varies, but she typically sticks around 850ft
Appearance: A creature made of smoke and fog, Misty can change her appearance at will, but apparently settles on a rather fat body with decent sized breasts as her "true form". She can seemingly solidify or dissipate herself at will depending on if she wants to interact with others. Her skin is pale white/grey and her eyes glow with a dull yellow. She usually opts out of wearing clothes, instead shaping makeshift clothing from her smoky body to cover up any features for the sake of modesty.
Description: An OC by Pyro. Misty recently moved to the area. She is kind of a nerd and is rather shy around other monsters, and slightly less so with humans. However, she does has a mischievous side to her. If she manages to trust someone enough to open up to them, her personality seems to pull a 180, showing off a playfully dominant attitude. She's usually quicker to befriend humans as they are much less intimidating than other monsters. Though she may be dominant and bossy to friends, she never means any harm and is mostly just playing around. She apparently works as a night watch and inventory control at a store or warehouse. She never bothered to explain further than that.

Megan "Meg" Ferr
Species: Ettin
Height: 900ft
Appearance: A tall, muscular, two-headed humanoid giant with a brownish skin tone. Both of the heads have messy, long, dark red hair and green eyes. Meg prefers a more primitive dress style based on her species' more barbaric cultural history, commonly wearing revealing clothes made from skins and furs, and rarely anything over that. She typically walks around barefoot as well.
Description: Another OC of Pyro's. Though both her heads have their own thoughts and preferences, they both consider themselves to be one creature named "Meg". Shared traits between the two include enjoying athletic activity, being something of a slob, and incredibly messy. The right head likes the idea of befriending or even marrying a human, while the left thinks of them more as cute potential pets or toys. Despite this, both halfs of Meg are friendly enough. What happens depends on which one is in control at the moment.

Winter Way- Winter Way is the section of Screamtown where it is perpetually winter. Because of the thick snow, not many humans live there and the monsters there are more suited for the cold weather.

Name: Gabriella Gallops
Species: Unicorn
Height: 1500ft
Appearance: A ginormous silver furred unicorn with long wings twice as wide as her entire body and a huge stomach. Gabriella has long light blonde hair with a pink horn coming out of her forehead. For clothing she mainly wears a pink sorceress’s gown and a silver tiara.
Description: Gabriella is a sorceress who lives in a medieval style castle at Winter Way and one of your closest friends in the city. Gabriella is said to be the most powerful sorceress this side of the monster world. However, she has a childish fondness for humans, especially you and seems somewhat attracted to you. Gabriella’s magic is so powerful that it’s rumored that she might have had something to do with Screamtown’s weird weather. Despite being a monster, Gabriella speaks in a slight British accent.

Name: Eris Radcliffe
Species: Gryphon
Height: 1100ft
Appearance: A huge and fat gryphon with white feathers above her waist but the lower body of a pale yellow lioness from the waist down. Eris has long gray hair and mainly wears a black maid outfit.
Description: Eris is Gabriella’s assistant who helps her around Mystic Manor when the unicorn is too busy with her magic. Gabriella doesn’t know it but Eris has been dabbling with the spell books herself behind her mistress’s back. However Eris’s magic is far inferior to Gabriella’s and she can barely get her spells right. You know about this behavior but you’ve decided not to tell Gabriella to avoid getting Eris in trouble with her boss.

Name: Pauline Pride
Species: Nemean Lion
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A fat black furred lioness with golden blonde hair. Similar in appearance and body shape to her cousin Maggie but wears a pair of glasses with nothing else since her fur protects her from the cold.
Description: Pauline is a sommelier who runs an Italian style pub and grill on the winter side of town. She has a special area where she caters to humans. Unlike most monsters in Screamtown, she originally lived outside of the city. You heard a rumor that Pauline used to eat humans but stopped because they upset her stomach. For a former predator, she’s treated you with nothing but hospitality since you moved to Screamtown. Pauline is a cousin of Maggie Reaver of Monster Boondocks. Specifically her mother was the sister to Maggie’s father.

Name: V.V. Burton
Species: Yeti
Height: 1080ft
Appearance: A large and muscular cyan skinned yeti with long white hair and fur over her body with pink highlights. Mainly wears a white zebra striped vest and mukluks with not much else. When she’s working she wears a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask.
Description: V.V. is a yeti fortune teller who lives in the winter section of the town. Everyone from the warmer parts of the town are afraid of her but trust her to tell their fortune. V.V. speaks in a cryptic manner and its unknown what she thinks about humans, but her predictions have yet to be wrong.

Name: Olga Rowling
Species: Hippogriff
Height: 1100ft
Appearance: A fat pear-shaped hippogriff with the lower body of a sky blue horse but the upper body of a pale blue eagle with talons for hands and rainbow colored hair.
Description: Olga is your adoptive older sister. Your parents found her as an egg and raised her before you were born. Olga likes to tease you with your height difference but she’s ferociously protective of you nonetheless. Although she has a strange habit of lightly sitting on humans as if they were eggs. Olga is mainly a writer by profession and she’s always working on a new book whenever you visit her.

Name: Cherry Rose
Species: Weresheep
Height: 975ft
Appearance: A giant and obese sheep with rose colored wool and long curved horns. She has F-cup breasts and a beauty mark on the side of her lips. Cherry wears nothing but a scarf for clothing.
Description: Cherry is a snobbish and bigoted weresheep who doesn’t like humans much. She hates the fact that monsters and humans live in peace in Screamtown, especially because under the laws of the town, she isn’t allowed to eat humans, which are her favorite food. Because of this, she is a heavy drinker to make up for the humans she can no longer eat and is even more aggressive because she’s usually drunk.

Name: Penumbra "Penny" Howler
Species: Werewolf
Height: 650ft
Appearance: A chubby red furred werewolf girl with black ears, black paws and a black tail.
Description: An addition by Infinitebull. Penny is a new arrival in Screamtown who works as an interior design and is currently redoing her new house. She used to eat humans but gave up because she felt bad about it. However she still loves the taste. Penny is the younger sister of Autumn, a cousin of Lupa's and another of Infinitebull's OCs that appeared in Monster Arms.

Name: Chantal Cordeon
Species: European Dragon
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A giant black dragon with sharp teeth, ears and claws and massive breasts covered by a red bikini. She also has red eyes.
Description: Chantal is an OC by StormShadow and another new arrival. She is friendly with humans and has a 4' 6" human daughter named Kiki who lives in a miniature house inside their home. Ironically, both Chantal and her daughter hate the cold. They moved to Screamtown after they won a monster lottery.

Name: Olesya Kato Rastovitch
Species: Rusalka
Height: 1200ft
Appearance: A Russian water nymph with bright blue skin, long white hair reaching her ankles and silver eyes. Has large breasts, wide hips, a large butt and long legs. But her biggest feature is a huge pregnant belly
Description: Olesya is an OC of the 12th Doctor. She is pregnant with octuplets, permanently due to her dragon ex-boyfriend placing a curse on her. Olesya is bisexual, works as a nurse at the clinic and is a fan of spy movies, especially the 007 series.

Name: Seda
Species: Cloth Elemental
Height: 800 ft.
Story: Monster
Appearance: Seda's outer body is made entirely of red cloth, wrapped in a way that makes her look like a mummy. She has no hair, ears, or any facial features. The cloth is in a large hourglass shape, though she can shift it to her will. Her real form, a white mist, is inside
Description: An OC by the 12th Doctor. Seda is a strange woman. She usually keeps to herself, but she does open up once one gets to know her. She is obsessed with finding other elementals like her, since she used to believe she was the last one. The red, mummy-like being usually seen is not her real form. Her real form is a white mist inside the cloth. This mist is able to possess any form of cloth, even if it's clothing someone else is wearing. Where she came from is unknown, though she states she was created rather then born.

Out of Town

Name: Antoinette Curry
Species: Nuckelavee
Height: 1000ft
Appearance: A pear shaped anthro horse woman with no skin and exposed crimson muscles with bulging yellow eye. She has veins all over her body and long gray hair with a hunched over back and abnormally sharp teeth and fingernails for a horse based monster. Antoinette mainly wears a lab coat, blue shirt and a black skirt that might as well be a thong on her massive thighs. She took a missile shot from a tank to her knee years ago and has to use a cane to walk.
Description: Antoinette is a mad scientist monster who was ran out of Screamtown for conducting horrifying experiments on both monsters and humans. Her work was so unethical that she was sent to Under Gloom years ago. It was reported that she died in a backfired attempt to escape but they never found the body and it’s entirely possible that Antoinette is still out there seeking revenge on Screamtown. You have yet to meet her because she was banished twenty years before you moved to Screamtown, but you heard she had no regard for human or monster life.

Name: Kate Rowling
Species: Harpy
Height: 1200ft
Appearance: A massive, obese and pear-shaped harpy resembling an anthropomorphic red-skinned archaeopteryx with long blonde hair, a beaked face and sharp teeth. Her wings are decorated in feathers of multiple colors and for clothing she mainly wears a black suit and tie with a pair of clip-on sunglasses that hide her yellow eyes.
Description: Surprisingly, Kate is your biological mother. Despite harpies being a female only species that don't give birth to male offspring, you came to be due to a weird genetic fluke. Kate is very intimidating and aloof and can be overprotective and overbearing at times, but her heart is always in the right place. Despite being a giant monster, she doesn't live in Screamtown and instead makes her home near San Francisco where she runs a law firm.


All monsters are giants. 300ft is the minimum for adult monsters, 100 is the minimum for child monsters and 150 feet is the maximum for child monsters
All non-option chapters must be at least 3 paragraphs.
Keep interaction with male monsters to a minimum
No nightmare giantesses
No mechas, mutates or kaiju (this is a fantasy story)
Vore is allow but only soft vore, no digestion and especially no toilet stuff.
No death
Please, no overly graphic sexual content. That's not what this story is about and it makes me feel uncomfortable
If you add an O.C., please include their height in case I decide to add them to the character list.
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