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by Sage
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A tale of survival on a strange world. Additions, Ratings, and Reviews Welcome

A tale of survival on a strange world. Additions, Ratings, and Reviews Welcome

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Set on a world full of anthromorphic animals this is the adventure(Probably last) of Amadeus Orman, formally Amadeus Ex Machina, number two man of the Arrow squadron, the Combine's top starfighter pilots. The character comes from the Mirrored Emperor stories written by this author under the pen name Simon Sez. The world comes from the comic strip Kevin and Kell about a wolf married to a rabbit.

The Kevin and Kell comic strip can be read at herdthinners.com.

The Mirrored Emperor stories are avalible upon e-mail request to this author

Suggestions, requests, or any other input is welcome.

Cast of Characters

Amadeus Orman(Human, Male)
Age: 26 CSY(Combine Standard Years, roughly equals 420 Earth Years)
Equipment: Standard Combine Survival Belt which includes a Startec 32K Pistol, a pouch for carrying various knickknack such as an old flute, and a coin. On the back of his belt is clipped his Cyber Assistant Program, or CAP, an EI(Emergent Intelligence) which he calls Zee, contained in what resembles a small PDA, though it can create a physical shell that resembles anything Zee wants it to if necessary.

Kevin Dewclaw(Rabbit, Male)
Married to Kell and adoptive father of Lindesfare.

Kell Dewclaw(Wolf, Female)
Married to Kevin and mother to Rudy

Lindesfare Dewclaw(Hedgehog[Formally a human], Female)
Adoptive daughter of Kevin, from his first marriage

Rudy Dewclaw(Wolf, Male)
Son of Kell, from her first marriage

Danielle Kendall/Kindle(Rabbit[Formally a human], Female)
Interdimensional traveler through one of the gates created by the time machines used by the avians, now posing as Kevin's deceased sister and married to a Fox named George Fennec, who happened to have been in love with the original Danielle Kindle before her death.

George Fennec(Fox, Male)
Married to Danielle and copartner of Kevin's business called HareLink

Okay rules for additions
1) There is no set chapter length. If you want to add it can be as short or as long as you like, however it has to be understandable. If I can't figure out what you said, it get's deleted.
2) This story is told in the third person, though the perspective can change if you want.
3) Try to have fun with this, if you want to do something completely insane like have an energizer bunny suddenly roll across the area where the star is, go ahead, but always remember rule number 1, I don't get it, and it goes away.

Rules for Additions
4) You are allowed to play with the backstory of Amadeus or any other character as long as it does not conflict with the chapters prior to your addition.

Remember you add/review me, and I'll do the same to you. Or if you prefer I could give you GP instead.

Well with nearly a thousand views, and more text than some real books I know this is now my longest single project to date. Still with only one addition I am disappointed in the response of the readers. What am I doing wrong? Why does no one add?
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