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  1. Moving to a small town.
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You move to a small town and something is not right. Over 1,000 views. Please add on.
Chapter 1

Moving to a small town.

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You have recently moved to a small town in the Midwest to write for the local newspaper. This was the only job you could find after your graduated. You didn't get great grades in college, due to your partying. You don't mind starting out small you think. You will make good money for a small town.

You are unloading your truck as you take a look at your new place a small apartment complex. You start carrying in your stuff to your place. You are just happy that you have a place on the 1st floor. Being that you are not in the best of shape. You are 5'9" 230 lbs, you have a small beer gut and have not really worked out in years.

You finish up unloading your truck and U-haul trailer and proceed to take it back to the U-haul place in town. As you drive through the downtown you notice how fat all the people are. You figure there isn't a person you have seen so far that is under 200 pounds and that includes the children. Everyone is fat. For a little plump, big bellies, wide hips and asses. To massively obese. "Damn! There are some real fat asses here in town." You say out loud. You start thinking hell, I look like an athlete in comparison.

You drop off the trailer to ball off a man, he is wider than he is tall. You make some small talk with Bert, that is the name on his work shirt after all. You ask him where I can get a bite to eat and a beer or 2. He tells you about a few places, but he says the best place is on the edge of town. A bar -n- grill, great triple butter cheeseburgers and plenty of beer.

You head off to the Bar -n- grill, Fattie Patties is the name of the place. You roll up to the place, it has a large dirt parking lot. and a large 3 story house on the top of the hill behind the place. The bar and the house are surrounded on 3 sides by a forest of white pines. You see that all the close parking spots are taken up, you think well it is about dinner time. You find a spot and park your truck. You get out and............

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