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Choose the fate of 4 young women as they are stranded on an island filled with dragons!
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Chapter 2

Amelia In The Bush

    by: charcoal   More by this author
Amelia walked into the jungle to start her quest for gems, riches, and possibly to become the Queen of Dragons. Unfortunately she wasn't very jungle wise so her remaining clothes were shredded by the thick undergrowth leaving her completely naked.

"That’s just great!" Amelia complained to no one. That’s when her eyes fell on a long and sharp stick. She decided to pick it up and begins to examine it. "Well, that dragon spirit thing said that we should get a weapon. I guess this will have to do." She says taking it with her. "Now all I need to do is find a dragon to tri... I mean befriend. But I need to find a really strong one."

At that moment the bushes in front of her started to shake as something started to move through them. Amelia lowered the point of her make shift spear in front of her as she prepared to defend herself. But to her surprise a 3 foot long blue scaled dragon emerged from the bushes. It had a thin snout with wide eyes, little tiny horns on top of its head and short feet that ended in four tiny claws.

"Ahhhh... aren’t you cute!" Amelia says as she reaches down and strokes the top of the small dragon's head.
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