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THIS time with EXTRA macrophilia!
Chapter #1


    by: Lum Cal
You look up at the gigantic stalk, it has giant leafs and giant beans. You could use this as a tourist attraction or eat the beans to get money and food, but your curiosity is too much for you and you start climbing.
Your name is Jack, you are average-size british white boy.
You are a smart, street-wise 17 year old, apart from when you were tricked into selling your cow for some "reeol speshol beens" as the man said.

You get so high that you're nearly at the sky, you look down, you can only just see your house, luckily, you're not that scared of hights. You llok up again and touch the sky, It's solid! solid air vapour?! you carry on climbing as the beanstalk has made a hole through the soil

When you have crawled throught the soil and out of the other side,you seem to be in a vegetable patch. You look around, but can't see anything because of all of the vegetables, you climb to the top of a cabbage and see...

You have the following choices:

1. ...a castle

2. ...a field

3. a giant man

4. a giant woman

5. a giant kid

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