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married couple experience a little trouble when one/both of them starts to change in size.

married couple experience a little trouble when one/both of them starts to change in size.

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Welcome to the lives of Nicholas (a 23 year old factory worker with brown eyes, brown hair, and an average build) and his new wife Heather (A 20 year old spunky green eyed red head with freckles and an athletic build) a couple of newlyweds That just moved into their first place together in a small Pennsylvania town, But life wont be so simple for the two of them after a bizarre size altering situation becomes a big problem....

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, Till death do they part....

Rules updated on 1/24/2015
after a few years I've decided that there are a few alterations that need to be made to the rules.

1. Clothing doesn't grow, or shrink with the target.
I made this Rule for continuity reasons. I know that there are some people that like to see people shrink out of their clothing, I also know there are some people that like the idea of stripping tiny people, but It wouldn't make sense if the same shrinkray does both, so i decided to pick one and stick with it.

2. No transformation stuff. If you want to turn people into rats, snakes, and spiders, then you'll have to look elsewhere.
This rule also applies to changing a person's age, and changing a person's gender.
Sorry, but this is strictly a SizeFetish Story.

3. You may now kill the main characters(Nick or Heather), but if you kill them the story ends. none of that killing them to hi-jack the story so it will fallow your character shit. If you don't want it to be about Nick and Heather, then make your own damn story... lol

4. Please add good/well written chapters. I'm not trying to be a dick or pick on anyone here, but I'm tired of having to sift through shit in my own stories, so I'm going through and Editing or Deleting the bad chapters
Don't think I'm unfair, I don't mind minor spelling and grammar errors, but If you couldn't be bothered with READING the last couple chapters enough to keep from changing a characters name or screwing up the continuity of the story, then I WILL delete your fucking chapter.
the same goes for broken English. I get that there's a lot of people here that aren't from an English speaking country, and I'm more than happy to have you read and add to my stories, BUT if your chapters are barely readable I will delete them.

5. Anything else really goes though, I'm not picky.
Gay, straight, toilet stuff, hard vore, feet crush, and anything else that gets you going is all good.

6. Lastly and Most importantly. HAVE FUN. Don't be at all shy about posting......
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